GamerSushi Asks: Arkham Asylum Thoughts?

batmanThe typical fall slew of games starts dropping in just a few weeks, with Batman: Arkham Asylum officially ushering in the new onslaught. As I’m sure many of you know, the game’s demo just hit the Web this weekend, allowing thousands (perhaps millions) to play as the Caped Crusader, Splinter Cell or MGS style.

While I’ve been cautiously optimistic about this game, I have to say that playing the demo totally pulled me into its web of immersion. I haven’t been that sucked into a video game in awhile, and I was literally on the edge of my seat as I played through what the demo had to offer of Arkham’s dark and brooding hallway interiors. The opening cutscenes for the game are fantastic, and hearing Mark Hamill reprise his role as the Joker was so much fun.

The game is gorgeous and moody, and really fits Batman’s world. I also have to say that the challenge room where you have to take down the guards was bloody fun, and I can’t wait to try more diverse ones. My only worry right now is that combat felt like it could grow old quick. Right now, it just seems like a mashing of the X button (or square for you PS3 friends).

So what about you guys? What were your thoughts on Arkham Asylum?

Batman: Arkham Asylum Opinions Surface

batmanOne game that I keep forgetting about for the Fall is Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game comes out in just a few weeks, and looks like just the kind of game that a great character like Batman has always deserved, with a cool cross of sneaking action with cool looking cutscenes. And hey, it even has Mark Hamill doing the Joker’s voice, so you can’t go wrong there.

But is the game any good? Apparently, yes. A few game publications are already starting to weight in with their opinions on the new Batman romp, and so far, it sounds awesome. The Official Playstation Magazine has given Arkham Asylum a 9/10, and GamesRadar has followed suit with a glowing 3 page preview. They even go as far as saying that this could be the greatest superhero game of all time.

So, who else is interested in this game. It may be moving up on my list, especially since it comes out in just a few short weeks on August 25th. And hey, if nothing else, you can test out the demo, which hits this Friday.

Source- GamesRadar and PS3Vault

Batman: Arkham Asylum Gameplay Trailer

While I haven’t ever known what quite to think of the new Batman Arkham Asylum game that’s coming out later this year, this new gameplay trailer looks pretty promising. Combining the mechanics of a Splinter Cell or Metal Gear works perfect for Batman. Let’s just hope that it’s got some great sneaking, and even cooler boss fights. What do you guys think?

Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout Trailer

Ok, so Mark Hamil’s Joker and a new Batman video game is a total “do want” kind of thing for me. This new Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer finally shows off the voice talents from the animated series, as well as a look at some gameplay. Great stuff in here, this game might actually be worth playing. Thoughts?

New Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer Has Sizzle

Not only sizzle, but also Akira trails on the Bat pod and “zzzzt” editing effects! Fancy. But even fancier and more fascinating to batfans out there is just how moody and dark this trailer is. I love the design on the Joker, and the shot of Croc at the end is just awe inspiring. Count me excited.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer

Well, it’s nice to know that they’ve got a game that works, rather than all of the screenshots we’ve been seeing. The new Batman Arkham Asylum trailer doesn’t really show off any gameplay, or any people, really, but it does have lots of atmosphere, the music from the Dark Knight, and even a great creepy Joker laugh from Mr. Hamill himself. Good times.

Luke be a Joker Tonight

It’s a shame that there hasn’t been a truly great Batman game in a while. But wait! Apparently, someone is going to try their hand with the new game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Overjoyed? Maybe not, but it gets better…

In news that can only be described as totally kick-ass, Mark Hamill is going to be reprising his vocal role as the Joker for the game. If you’re not sure what this means, it’s actually totally awesome.

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