VGAs 2011: All the Winners!


Ah, the VGAs. The time of year when game enthusiasts far and wide go through the tumultuous turns and dives of the hype train. Bandied about by double speak and cryptic front man Geoff Keighley, we willingly jump into that nexus of marketing, full of fake celebrities, very few awards and some lame jokes – and all for what? For glimpses of what we can expect out of the next year from our favorite past time.

For all of the complaints that people throw against the VGAs, I do have to say that I enjoy the outcome – actually having something to look forward to for the following year. Last year, we got excited about Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 and then some. I’m not saying they’re perfect. But they do what they’re designed to do – hype games.

Anyway, soapbox aside, one of the other purposes of the VGAs is to do just that – hand out video game awards. This year, a number of great games and studios took home the awards. They even honored Miyamoto as the first inductee into the Video Game Hall of Fame. I thought I’d paste all the goings-down here so you could voice your quibbles and rants. Full list of winners after the jump! Continue reading VGAs 2011: All the Winners!

The Last of Us: Debut Trailer

As we all know, the Spike VGAs hit last night, with a spattering of announcements and trailers, many of which we’ll have the time to get excited about over the next week. However, the post-show buzz seems to hover directly around one game: The Last of Us.

While The Last of Us was teased just a bit over the last few days, nobody had any idea what it was, save for the fact that it was a PS3 exclusive. All that changed last night when gamers were treated to the world premiere trailer, which happens to be all stunning in-engine footage.

I do have to say, I’m a fan. Seems to be a cross between I Am Legend and Enslaved, although we’ll see how the gameplay shakes out eventually. Many props to Naughty Dog for keeping development of this title secret for so long. Yet another reason why I’m glad to be a PS3 owner.

What did you guys think? Go!

Make Your Predictions for the 2011 Video Game Awards

vga 2011 predicitons

SPIKE TV’s annual half-celebration half-“see I told you this is what them video games is like” Video Game Awards show airs tomorrow and in-between all of the trailers for upcoming games there’s a chance for developers and individual games to walk away with trophies.

2011 has been an exceptional year for games and the VGAs are chock full of titles that I’d be hard pressed to choose over one another. Some are obvious winners for me (like picking Battlefield 3 as the best multiplayer game over Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3), but a few I had a hard time deciding on. Do I really like Skyrim better than Batman? That may seem like an obvious choice at first, but then I start thinking about it and maybe I break out into sweat. Who’s to say?

I’m also a little disappointed by the lack of a GotY nomination for Deus Ex: Human Revolution but I’m just one man. Take a look at the nominees for the various categories of the 2011 Video Game Awards and tell us what you think. What’s your pick for Game of the Year? Any write-in votes?