Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer

Well, it’s nice to know that they’ve got a game that works, rather than all of the screenshots we’ve been seeing. The new Batman Arkham Asylum trailer doesn’t really show off any gameplay, or any people, really, but it does have lots of atmosphere, the music from the Dark Knight, and even a great creepy Joker laugh from Mr. Hamill himself. Good times.

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4 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Asylum Trailer”

  1. Wow, looks awesomely awesome already! Just don’t know how the gameplay is going to be like. Interesting if it’s going to be a ‘stealth’ type game play like Anthony pitched out.

    I really like Batman. He doesn’t have super powers or tights, he uses the wonderful world of technology!

  2. looks really great… but if i remember.. .though i havent played any… all the other batman games suked?

  3. Yeah, most of the old one sucked, and they developers realize that(I think), so they are attempting to revitalize Batman in the gaming industry with this, which might be good. 😀

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