GameStop Deal: 20% Off Used Games and Accessories

I know, we tend to rag on GameStop every now and then, but let’s get real- a deal’s a deal. And this is a mighty good one. Until Thursday, Oct 2nd, you can get 20% off used games and accessories as long as you bring in this GameStop coupon.

So go ahead, print it out and enjoy. Hurry, so you can get your used games at a reasonable price. I’ve been meaning to make a trip to GameStop myself lately, as I have quite a few games I need to trade in to get ready for the barrage of games that is about to lay waste upon gamers far and wide, so this might be the right time for me to get my act together.

Source- PS3 Fanboy

Downloadable Content Unleashed!

Kotaku is reporting that the best-selling The Force Unleashed will be getting some pretty cool DLC in the fall. The content, which has no specific release date as of yet, will be released for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 before the end of the year. Continue reading Downloadable Content Unleashed!

Retro: Playable Famicom in Wii Music

In an act of total fanboy service, Nintendo has stuck the original NES into Wii Music’s broad and eclectic repertoire of instruments. While I kind of made fun of this game, and still am inclined to, some of the game-related sounds coming out of this seem like they’d be a lot of fun to do stuff with. Plus, I’m a dork for all things related tot he original Famicom.

Top 5: Games I Want For Xmas

It’s time for all the good boys and girls to make lists for their loved ones for Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever holiday festival you choose to celebrate. I celebrate Christmas, so this is a Christmas list. If that bothers you, don’t worry. I eat poorly and will likely die an untimely death. Now, on with the countdown…er count up, since I start with #1. Continue reading Top 5: Games I Want For Xmas

Introducing: Skorge in Gears of War 2

In light of the end of the Gears of War 2 Campaign NDA, news and screens are starting to break all around the Web about the single player portion of Epic’s upcoming game. One of the announcements that hit that is seemingly unrelated is that Skorge, the predator-looking locust seen in some recent screenshots, is going to be playable in Gears of War 2 Multiplayer.

He is kind of awesome looking, though it seems that his dual-chainsawed staff will be toned down or removed in order to keep things balanced. Also, he’ll be the end boss that shows up in the co-op Horde mode, which pits 5 players against AI armies of locusts. Cool stuff!

Source- AddictGaming

Embarrassing Gaming Moments

As you know, we here at GamerSushi love lists. We have this kind of mad obsession with them. It’s such an easy way to categorize the information you’re looking for, and it helps even more when they list some great humorous quotables about gaming.

Last week, GamesRadar released “Game Moments You Don’t Want A Loved One Walking In On”, and it makes for a great read. In particular, I remember the one about MGS being kind of weird for me as a young gamer. And I totally agree that getting caught playing an MMO these days is the equivalent to being caught with adult material.

How about you guys? Got any of these yourselves?

Source- GamesRadar

Rumor: Call of Duty 5 Perks?

For anyone that played Call of Duty 4’s excellent online multiplayer, you know the benefits, the joys and the struggles that come with the perk system. Do you get stopping power or Juggernaught? It’s those kinds of decisions and little abilities that made the game fun, though the martyr grenade always drove me up a wall.

Well, according to PlayStation Universe, they have a leaked list of Call of Duty: World at War perks, ready for you to look at, oggle, judge, and gasp at. I’m not sure where they got this list, and they don’t seem to be able to name their source, but nonetheless, it’s worth a look.

I’m actually really curious about the vehicle ones…

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Tetris in LittleBigPlanet

And once again, the madness grows. Here is a cool video I saw of a level in LittleBigPlanet. What’s so special about it? Well, this particular person recreated the game Tetris. Sure it works kind of slow, and it’s not quite Tetris, but the idea is still there. I’m really impressed with whatever mechanism they rigged up to make the timing and such work right. Just another glimpse at what could be possible with this engine.

Also, gotta love the slow Tetris theme playing…

Machinima: Katy Perry Sings Simlish

For those of you who don’t know, “Simlish” is the language spoken by those oh-so-lovable Sims. Recently, Katy Perry, singer of “I Kissed a Girl”, that song that gets annoyingly stuck in your head, re-recorded her song “Hot N Cold” in Simlish for this machinima music video.

While it’s weird to here a song this way, it’s pretty nuts what the Sims is still capable of in terms of machinima. Fun stuff.

Ding Dong, He Got Disbarred

Gamers everywhere are no doubt rejoicing after this bombshell dropped today: after months of wild proceedings and all kinds of events leading up to this, it appears that Jack Thompson, anti-games lawyer, has been disbarred in the state of Florida.

While many see this as cause for celebration, I doubt it means that our friend is going anywhere. I’m sure he will find ways to express his viewpoints loudly, appear on media outlets that will let him speak about “murder simulators”, write books, who knows?

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Play the Old School Fallout for Free

Though I am overwhelmed with excitement for Fallout 3, I have to admit that I never played the original PC games. Truth be told, I hear constantly that they were not only incredible, but also among the best PC games ever developed and then placed into the hands (or drives) of gamers.

So, imagine how cool it was to hear that GameTap is currently offering Fallout for free right now on their website, and all you’ve got to do is just sign up for free.

Granted, they might pester you at some point about, you know, giving them money, but hey- a free game’s a free game.

Source- Shacknews

Rayman Raving Rabbids: Heroes Spoof

I enjoyed the first Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii alright. It was a good time, I had fun with some of the mini-games, but let’s get real- the rabbids were the best part of the darn game. And even better than the game, the promotions and commercials they appeared in always made me chuckle.

This newest commercial even pulls a spoof on the new season of Heroes, poking fun at the Level 5 business we’ve been seeing on all the teasers. Fun stuff. Any of you dudes into Heroes, or does your heart pull favorably towards some other show? Me, I’ve lost some faith in Heroes recently…

Got this PC? Left 4 Dead System Requirements

I used to try in vein to keep my PC up-to-date, but as those of you who are into this have already surmised, it is an expensive bit of business. Luckily, I play most games on consoles these days, though the dreaded Diablo III looms in the nether-distance in some far-off-but-maybe-close future.

For those of you dying to play Left 4 Dead on your PC in November, Valve has finally released the Left 4 Dead system requirements. Give it a browse and see if your specs match up.

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LBP Extravaganza

The LBP mania is getting frenzied, wild and crazy even. This week, there are over 25,000 LittleBigPlanet beta keys being handed out like golden tickets all around the web. Do your best to find them, treasure them and use them for downloady goodness.

In addition, a new “Play Time” trailer has hit today. LBP madness, I says! Madness!

The Revolutionary Controller?

A lot of debate has generated over the last few years about what makes the perfect gaming console controller. While many swear by dual analog sticks over something like say, the Wii-mote, it’s hard to ignore how overly complicated and cumbersome some controls have become.

On the flip side, the Wii needs a ridiculous amount of accessories and peripherals to even play all of the games you might want to buy. And not everyone likes waggling. So, what’s the perfect controller look like? The guys over at NintendoWiiFanboy have tried to put that together.

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Halo 3: Prepare to Drop

So last night, I posted about the countdown that appeared on Bungie. Well, the countdown is officially over, and with its end came a new teaser for a brand new game, as some were anticipating. It’s no Halo 4, if that’s what you’re hoping for, but it is related to the Halo universe.

While not many details are given, and it remains enigmatic as ever (thanks Bungie), there are a few clues to pick up on.

Video after the jump.

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The Bungie Countdown

So the official Bungie website has gone off its rocker and is now displaying a countdown set to end in about 9 hours. I for one used to get stupid excited about these viral marketing campaigns that the developer constantly sets out on, but it does get a little irksome with the constant teasing.

We’ll be sure to keep our eye on the site for any kind of official announcements about new games, screenshots or whatever else they throw at the Internet.

Source- Bungie

Story vs. Gameplay: Final Fantasy Edition

Story. Gameplay.

These two things are what matter most in a game to me. And they matter more when it comes to RPG’s and especially Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy games are known for great stories or great gameplay. But only a few have both. Three of them, in fact.

In this feature, I will walk through each Final Fantasy (minus spin offs, sequels and that online thing) and tell my thoughts on each game’s true strength: story or gameplay.

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Gears of War Dev Diary: Story

While the Dev Diary from Epic from a few weeks ago covered the weapons of Gears of War 2, we finally have something that dives just a little bit into the story of the game, which I am excited about. Even though the story in the first game was in the background, with the grizzly gory beefy guys in the foreground, I thought the foundation was there for a potentially cool narrative. Hopefully, we’ll get that in the sequel.