Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout Trailer

Ok, so Mark Hamil’s Joker and a new Batman video game is a total “do want” kind of thing for me. This new Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer finally shows off the voice talents from the animated series, as well as a look at some gameplay. Great stuff in here, this game might actually be worth playing. Thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout Trailer”

  1. Sweet, jus sweet. I like the very thick designs of the characters, especially the Joker. Doesn’t in turn your frown, up side down?
    Truly looking forward to this one.

    btw, did I jus seek a bit of MGS style stealth gameplay?

  2. Even if this game didn’t have Mark Hamil as the Joker I’d want to check it out, but the fact that it does makes it a total win.

  3. I miss the Heath Ledger joker… Oh well, at least they bring back the second-best one.
    Arkham Asylum looks really cool. Can’t wait to see more details.

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