BioWare Drops a Teaser for the 2010 VGAs

Mass Effect 3. I want it. You want it. BioWare hasn’t said much about it, aside from the fact that it’s coming. While the third chapter in the series I affectionately dubbed “nerd crack” exists somewhere, we haven’t seen much from it. With Spike’s Video Game Awards swiftly approaching on December 11, BioWare dropped a new video teasing…well, something. It doesn’t look quite like Mass Effect, and it certainly isn’t Dragon Age. Take a look:

Very cryptic, as a teaser has every right to be. Personally I’m leaning towards a Mass Effect-themed shooter, but what do you guys think? Is it something else entierly, or is it that rumored Mass Effect MMO I wrote about a while ago? Hit us with your thoughts and speculations!

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Coming To Kinect

One of the most legendary games of all time was Steel Battalion for the Xbox, mainly due to it’s incredibly complex controller, pictured here. 40 buttons and 2 control sticks were needed to play this game and few did, though likely because of the $200.00 price tag. Well, as we have seen, one of the main themes of this new generation of consoles has been streamlining and Capcom just set the bar as the newly announced Steel Battalion will have no buttons.

That’s right, as revealed at the Tokyo Game Show and reported by’s Frank Cifaldi, the sequel to the giant mech game will be a Kinect exclusive. How such a thing is even possible is beyond me, but color me intrigued. Other than Child of Eden, this is the first “hardcore” game revealed for Kinect, so perhaps they aren’t leaving their core demographic behind with their shiny new peripheral.

Did anyone out there play Steel Battalion? Would you be interested in buying a Kinect for this? Or will it just be another rail-shooter? Your keyboard has more than 40 buttons…use them now!

Source: 1UP