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Watch Dogs // PC // 2014-05-27

Is Ubisoft’s hackathon a true next gen experience?

Titanfall // PC // 2014-03-11

Does Titanfall revitalize the multiplayer FPS?

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag // PC // 2013-10-29

Does the newest game in the series sink or swim?

Batman: Arkham Origins // PS3 // 2013-10-25

Batman returns to his formative years in this prequel to the Arkham series

Battlefield 4 // PC // 2013-10-25

Battlefield 4 is bigger and badder than its predecessors, but is that a good thing?

Beyond: Two Souls // PS3 // 2013-10-08

Quantum Dream’s follow-up to Heavy Rain, starring Juno and the Green Goblin.

Super Mario 3D World // Wii U // 2013-11-22

It’s a 3D Mario on the Wii U! With cat-suits! And co-op!

Pokemon X/Y // 3DS // 2013-10-12

Pokemon makes the jump to the 3DS! Is it worth trying to catch them all?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf // 3DS // 2013-06-09

Charming life simulator or deadly time sink? Read this review to find out.

The Last of Us // PS3 // 2013-06-14

It’s a tag-team review of Naughty Dog’s latest!