Oregon Trail for the iPhone Brings Back Memories

Man, did anyone else remember playing Oregon Trail on old school computers back in the day? Because I remember playing the junk out of that in the library and in elementary school. My favorite was when like, you’d have a kid get cholera. And you’re still pushing on, trying to make it to the next area. And you get the messages.

Timmy has cholera.
Timmy has cholera.
Timmy has fever.
Jenny has died.

Wtf?! Jenny wasn’t even sick! Damn you, Oregon Trail! Anywho, the game is coming out for the iPhone and now I kind of want one just to play this game. Check out the trailer.

Homophobia On Xbox Live (and PSN)

9609The Consumerist is reporting that a woman who identified herself as a lesbian on her gamertag profile was banned from Xbox Live. In order to prevent offensive actions or harassment, Microsoft bans certain words, regardless of how they are used. This policy makes a certain degree of sense, but wasn’t the case:

The woman, who only goes by “Teresa,” claims that she was harassed by other XBL users. “They followed me into the games and told all the players to turn me in because they didn’t want to see that crap or their kids to see that crap. As if xbox live is really appropriate for kids anyways!” She goes on to say that her account was suspended. When she brought the issue up to Microsoft, the response was that other users found it “offensive.”

Simply saying you are gay, which has no affect on anyone you are playing online with, causes this kind of hatred. I think its really sad and it makes me ashamed that gamers treat people like this. Microsoft told MTV they are reconsidering their policy towards offensive words, which is good news.

Xbox Live and PSN are full of people who shout “faget” and other racist and homophobic terms. Gamers get so offended when someone portrays them as mouth-breathing neanderthals or violent-loving sickos, but this kind of portrayal doesn’t seem to bother most. I think its really wrong when people play a GAME and can’t even enjoy it without hatred and vitriol spewed at them.

This is Anthony, getting off his soapbox, in a bad mood because Morrissey canceled his concert, which was Anthony’s birthday gift.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

Nintendo Releases List of 120 Games I Don’t Want

punchoutwiiOk, I kid, maybe I want one or two, but even that might be stretching it. Nintendo recently unveiled a whole ton of games coming out this year with release dates, and put them all together for us to see and ogle. Problem is, I’m just not that interested in anything that they have listed, giving more credence to the selling of my Wii.

The only two games that I have even the slightest desire to play are probably the new Punch Out game as well as the exclusive Indiana Jones title, but beyond that, I feel very much “meh” about it. I’ve said before that while I don’t and have never hated Nintendo, they’re just baffling me this generation, and I’ve been severely disappointed in their complete lack of games. So what are they? Check the list out after the jump.
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Another WTF: Most Influential Games List

smkThroughout the years, there have been any number of games that proved to be influential to both gamers and developers alike. Games that dropped and made an impact on gaming culture as we know it, and things were never the same. Whether you like them or love them, it’s hard to deny the power of games such as Halo or Grand Theft Auto III, simply because of what they did to the business.

Guinness Book of World Records have now come out with their own list of most influential games of all time. And what tops it? Well, uh… Super Mario Kart. While not a bad game in the slightest, I’m confused at how this has been dubbed the most influential game to ever be released, over titles like Doom or Super Mario Bros.

So what else does the list say? Find out after the jump.
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Do Video Games Prepare Kids for the Apocalypse?

Got to love the Onion, and their hilarious take on the ridiculous media taglines that seem to go along with video game coverage these days. In this skit, they ask the question if video games adequately prepare kids for the apocalypse, which as we all know is inevitable. Whether it’s zombies, radiation, or a combination of that and much more gruesome things, we do know that it is speeding towards us. Right? Anyways, watch the video so you can laugh and ignore the impending doom.

Today’s WTF: Man Takes Hostage With Sega Light Gun

segalightgunAh, the Sega light gun. What great games we might have played with you along the years for the Master system and beyond. We could play old school games like Gangster Town, Operation Wolf and even Rambo III. Apparently, we can also fool Brazilian police and take a hostage. Who knew?!

A few days ago, a Brazilian man took a 60 year old woman hostage a Sega light gun, trying to collect money back from a debt that was owed him. First he broke into her house, and then entered into a 10 hour standoff with police, before finally letting her go unharmed. I mean, really, the only damage he could have done to her would have been with the cord, I guess.

My question for this man is “seriously”? What did he even think was going to happen? This is truly WTF worthy, and I deem it so.

Source- Kotaku

Gaming’s Sweetest Records

lanEvery hobby has some kind of weird record associated with it. Or at least, that’s what I like to tell myself. Whenever I go on a particularly epic gaming binge, I like to think that surely, someone, somewhere, has committed far more heinous deeds than I. This is how I go to sleep every night. Plus, I snore.

Anyway, I came across a list over at CVG of what appears to be a list of 30 gaming world records. Some of them are bizarre, and some of them are cool, but most of all, I find them terribly interesting. Did you know that the largest mass-participation LAN party was 203 people for 36 hours straight? That actually seems small to me. Or perhaps you knew that the greatest gaming setup is a dude that owns his own motion picture screen with theater sound? Or that GTA IV had a voice cast of almost 900 actors? Well now you do.

If you’re interested in those tidbits and more, be sure to check out the list. Kind of awesome. By the way, I think GamerSushi could totally beat that whimpy 203 person LAN party. So what was the most epic one you ever participated in?

Source- CVG

GamerSushi Asks: What Would it Take?

gamersushiasks2In every area of our lives, we’ve got limits and boundaries. Places we’ve decided for some reason or another we will never go. This turns out to be true even in the realms of video games. We tend to separate out between things we like and don’t like, things we are willing to try, and things we would never touch with a ten foot pole.

In “What Would it Take”, we ask you questions about your predispositions towards video games, and what it would take to get you to broaden your horizons, or move to a new realm that you’re not currently familiar with. Feel free to give as much or as little response as you want, we’re definitely interested in hearing why you game the way you do, and what’s keeping you from crossing these lines.
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Yuusha 30: The 30 Second RPG

The design philosophy behind the Halo series is “30 seconds of fun” on an endless loop. Yuusha 30 for the PSP is a game that takes this idea almost entirely literally. I heard about this over at BloodworthGT’s GameTrailers page today, and I find it to be incredibly fascinating, from a game design standpoint.

In Yuusha 30, the main premise of the game is that it is an RPG that is only 30 seconds long. You see, an evil wizard is casting some badass spell that is going to wipe out the entire world. As the hero, you have only that amount of time to level up and become strong enough to beat him, before it all comes crashing down. The result is total madness. Observe the first level:

If you thought that was nuts, it actually gets even more insane with each additional stage.
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Dragon: Age Origins Trailer Makes Me Happy

I can’t remember the last time I’ve played an honest-to-goodness fantasy game. Most RPG’s that I pick up these days are more sci-fi in nature, or steampunk, or anything else that decidedly does not have uber-awesome dragons and dudes in chainmail slugging it out in epic battles. This new Dragon Age: Origins trailer definitely has all of that and more, and really kicks up my excitement for the game to a new level. Anyone else geeking out with me?

So What Kind of Rig Does Valve Use to Make Games?

valveAs we know, Valve makes PC games. Some rather sweet PC games. So, you know how when you sign on to Steam, and you always get bugged by that survey asking what kind of rig you have? Well, Valve’s got their own that they use to develop with, and they are quite beastly. Do any of you have comparable PC’s?

* EVGA 780i SLI FTW Intel Motherboard
* Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz Quad-Core Processor
* 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 1066MHz ram
(Crucial Ballistix, Kingston ValueRam)
* 1 x NVidia GTX280 1GB – OR – ATI 4870 1GB graphics card
* 1 x 250GB 7200RPM SATA HD
(Seagate, Western Digital)
* 1 x 500GB 7200RPM SATA HD
(Seagate, Western Digital)
* Antec Sonata III desktop case
* Zalman CPU Cooler
* 850W Antec power supply
* 1 x Dell 3008FPW-HC 30″ LCD – OR – 2 x Dell 2001FP 20.1″ LCD monitors
* Windows XP 32bit

And if you think that’s good, wait until you see what they’re upgrading to…
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Lost Planet 2 Announcement Trailer

Hot on the heels of Resident Evil 5, it looks like Capcom has another big release in store sometime in the near future- Lost Planet 2. While I didn’t get to play much of the first one, it definitely had some promise for a new franchise, and the graphics were pretty incredible to boot. It looks like the environments are going to be different, the visuals are updated, and there even seems to be co-op gameplay. Check out the new trailer for lots of cool footage. Who played the first one? How was it?

Rumor: Resident Evil 5 is Less Than 8 Hours Long?

re51There’s a rumor flying around that Resident Evil 5 clocks in at about 7 1/2 hours total running time. While there are different claims about how long the game actually is, this is what XBox World 360 is claiming about their experience with the upcoming Capcom blockbuster.

We don’t know what is actually true here, but if the game is indeed that short, I find it to be a bit disturbing. I mean, the last Resident Evil title dropped all the way back in 2005, which is a whopping 4 years ago. So basically, it took Capcom that long to produce an experience that amounts to under 8 hours of gameplay? Sure there’s co-operative play, but in my mind, you have to have some more material there to justify asking $60 for a game.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. If this is actually true (and there is reason to believe it’s not), would you guys find this fair, or foul? Go!

Source- CVG

GTA IV DLC Goes Full Frontal?

gta4dlcSo, it’s a day of opinions from you guys. In case you weren’t aware, the new GTA IV DLC pack, “The Lost and Damned” has male full frontal nudity in it. Yes, you read that correctly. An old man dong, to be more specific.

While the mainstream media hasn’t yet seemed to have found the dong in question, Common Sense Media, a website for parental advice when it comes to things like games and movies, has. And you know what? They still liked the game, giving it 4 out of 5 stars. However, they did caution parents to keep it away from their children, which is the correct thing to do, seeing as how the game is rated M.

However, gaming sites have already jumped down their throats for this, much to my disappointment. Here you have a site giving a responsible review of this game, and we’re still crucifying them, just because they rightly say that young children shouldn’t be playing a game with full frontal nudity?

What do you guys think about this issue? Is nudity out of place in video games? Personally, while I’m not offended if I see some pixel knockers or whatever, as we approach the uncanny valley, I get a little weirded out by sexual anatomy of almost any kind in video games. This goes for animated features as well. Tell us your thoughts!

GamerSushi Asks: What Remakes Do You Want?

10259finalfantasyviiorige5Remakes and ports of older games is really starting to become a trend in gaming. Square Enix alone must have a whole team dedicated to retreads of their older games. With the PSN’s PS1 Classics, Xbox Live Arcade and the Virtual Console, retro gaming has never been stronger.

But there are ports and there are remakes and there is a difference between the two. A port is simply porting a game from an older system to an existing system with little or no changes to the actual game. A remake is updating the graphics, translation, adding new story or gameplay elements and things of that nature.
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First Mass Effect 2 Teaser Trailer

And the hype begins. Bioware has released the first official Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer, and it is just that. A tease. Also, it’s incredibly short, but packed with some potentially interesting stuff. All I’ve got to say are these two things: do, and want.

Watch it and discuss!

Valve Wonders if Games Are Too Expensive

gabenewellIn an echo to something I was saying just the other day, it seems that Valve is claiming that games are over-priced. Gabe Newell recently gave a talk at DICE on Wednesday, giving some impressive numbers about Steam, and showing where game companies are currently missing the mark with retail.

In particular, he notes the promotional offers that companies run for their games on Steam. His main example was Left 4 Dead, which was half price this last weekend. How did it affect sales, you ask? They rose. By how much? Three thousand percent. Yes, you read that right.
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Whitest Kids You Know: Call of Duty

Ah, playing multiplayer games online. They all come with their own shares of both joy and sadness. The Whitest Kids You Know dudes have made a new skit portraying these struggles in Call of Duty. It’s definitely a funny although depressingly accurate portrayal of online gaming. Makes you wonder how long we’ll continue to put up with these grievances, no? Anywho, do give it a watch, and laugh heartily.

GamerSushi Asks: Spring Releases?

sf4The prolific times of the year for video games show up around February/March, August, and October/November. As we come up to the first big season of the gaming year, there are quite a few notable titles looming on the horizon. Halo Wars, Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, and Street Fighter IV seem to round out the list.

Right now, I’m actually really looking forward to both Halo Wars and Killzone 2, which couldn’t represent more of a polar opposite in terms of fanboy and genre appeal. While I’m not sold on Resident Evil 5, I’m still anxious to actually play the game proper, and Street Fighter IV is just nowhere on my radar, even though it looks fun. I guess I’m just not that into fighters anymore.

Which of these titles are you guys looking forward to? Which could you care less about? Go!

God Exists and We Have Proof: Brett Ratner Drops Out of God of War Movie

brett-ratner-nickelodeons-20th-annual-kids-choice-awards-1yu21zSometimes, Christmas comes early. Sometimes, your prayers are answered. And sometimes, the good guys win. Stop rubbing that rabbit’s foot as your luck finally turned. No, Uwe Boll didn’t lose his Director’s Guild membership, but Worstpreviews is reporting via Production Weekly that Brett Ratner, acclaimed (ahem) director behind the Rush Hour series and X-Men hater (judging from X-Men:The Last Stand, he clearly doesn’t like them) has left the upcoming God of War movie:

Over at Universal it looks like Brett Ratner has shelved ‘God Of War,’ and is moving forward on ‘Trump Heist’ with Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker.

I don’t think Kratos himself could have withstood that disaster. Now that Ratner has left to further drop Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker into the Realm of Irrelevance, who would you like to step in an take over? It’s a long shot, but Zack Snyder of 300 fame and the upcoming Watchmen would rock this world. Who’s your dream director?

Source: Worstpreviews.com