Bungie Announces Noble Map Pack for November 30th

We’re exactly a month after Halo: Reach’s monumental release, and we keep finding things to post about it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! For the small but vocal minority out there that have been lambasting Reach for its relatively slim selection of multiplayer maps, Bungie has heard your cries.

Coming at us next month for 800 Microsoft Points, or 10 real life dollars, the Noble Map Pack will deliver three new maps and 250 Achievement points. Considering that I still haven’t beaten the game on Legendary solo (it’s really hard!) I can only imagine what these new cheevos will bring. Halo 3 had some ridiculous Achievements added after the fact, so my inner Achievement whore shudders to think what I’ll be going through in a month and a half. Bungie has also released some screenshots of the battlefields contained within the Noble Map Pack, so hit the jump to see them in their glory!
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

As many of you know, Game Informer recently published a huge cover story that detailed previously unknown information about Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady Studio’s follow-up to the smash hit Batman: Arkham Asylum. What you may not know is that this enormous cover story is now posted online in its entirety, ready for your eager eyes and cautious optimism.

I seriously recommend checking this out if you enjoyed the first game at all. I read this back when it hit shelves and I have to say my excitement level for the game increased ten-fold. For one, it sounds like they’re going for broke here, trying to hit a grand slam after Arkham Asylum’s home run. Their attempt to create a living breathing Gotham is something I’ve always wanted to see in a Batman title, and it sounds like the sidequests are going to be just a joy to play. Also, there are lots of pretty screenshots, and I know how you all like pretty things.

Anyway, check it out and read up. Who else is pumped for this game?

Source – Game Informer

Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Comparisons Might Surprise You

Metal Gear Solid 3 3DS

As much as I might express concern over the still unsure pricing of the Nintendo 3DS here in the U.S., I’m going to swallow my pride and just admit that I want one more than you can imagine. Although I suppose you could imagine it if you tried really hard and thought about something you really, really wanted, but that ruins the illustration, and makes you a jerk.

Anyway, while I knew from trailers and screenshots that the 3DS had rather impressive visuals, the only real way to tell just how much better Nintendo’s new handheld looks over its predecessor is to see side-by-side screenshots. On top of that, how much better do the remakes of the old N64 games like Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 appear? The answer could be shocking (hint: it’s “a lot”).

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Batman: Arkham City has Beautiful Screen Shots

batman arkham city
Consider us blessed, fellow gamers, as some kind soul has posted screen shots for RockSteady Studio’s upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum follow-up Arkham City. I don’t know what they’ve done to the engine this time around, but the screens are looking really good. If I had to guess, I’d say this is a capture from the PC version of the game running on a super-beefy rig, but with still images this good, I’m not complaining. The new pictures also give us a look at the redesigned Harley Quinn, Two-Face and a, I’m almost ashamed to say it, very sexy Catwoman. More delicious Bat-Screens after the jump! Continue reading Batman: Arkham City has Beautiful Screen Shots

Geek Out Over Early Halo: Reach Scans

Like it or lump it, there’s no denying that one of 2010’s biggest titles will be Halo: Reach, Bungie’s (supposed) final game in the Halo series. The next issue of Game Informer was confirmed last week to include a bunch of new information on the upcoming sci-fi shooter, and some kind soul has seen fit to scan an advanced copy onto the internet. The scans are fairly clear considering that they’re straight off a magazine, and I have to say that the game is looking sharp. The infamous “ugly-people” produced by the Halo 3 engine are gone, and the marines in Reach look like actual futuristic grunts as opposed to cartoon characters. Speaking of Grunts, the Covenant species have been given a face-lift and there’s one new type of enemy confirmed, a Jackal look-alike of some sorts.

The article expands upon the setting and the various characters and there’s a lot of info for Halo canon nerds (like myself) to obsess over. Go check out the scans and tell us you thoughts!

Source: All Games Beta

Today’s Do Want: Awesome Movie Games

fifthelement1-smallAwesome video games based on movies are in rather short supply on the whole. You figure that these two great visual mediums wouldn’t be all that hard to combine, but for some reason the translations across both sides of the line have been rather awkward to say the least, and rather awful for the most part.

That’s why these new screenshots will make you drool and long for game movies that could have been. It seems that over at the Game Artist forums, a friendly competition is underway for users to create video game screenshots based on famous movies. Some of the submissions include Aliens, Hellboy, Harry Potter, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, and then some. And they’re incredible.

The screenshots are mostly created in Unreal or the CryEngine, and are pretty face melting. Seriously, you’ll wish that these really existed. Hit the jump to see the screenshots.
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Someone Should Make This TF2 RPG

tf2rpgI’ve seen a lot of mash ups in my life, and they don’t always work. However, when they’re solid, they’re freaking rock solid, and this is no exception. Over on the Team Fortress 2 Maps forums, user goldenhearted has thrown together a wicked concept: a Team Fortress 2 RPG, complete with a party of the Heavy and the Medic, on a mission to locate the Scout.

The really cool part about all of it is the menus and the user interface that he’s put together, complete with the classic and colorful Team Fortress 2 look. He’s posed a few cut scenes together with GMod, and even has some loading screen mock ups. All of it is really slick and just screams to be made into an actual game. So, modders, if you’re reading this, get to it!

To check out the awesome gallery of photos, head over to TF2Maps. Thanks to Lord Ned for the heads up.

A Tale of Two Liberty Cities

liberty-cityIf you’re unaware, GTA: Chinatown Wars was just released recently on the Nintendo DS, and from what I hear, the game is actually pretty good. It returns to the top down view of the old school GTA games, but brings the thieving and action to the small dual screens of the Nintendo handheld.

The game takes place in the same Liberty City that GTA IV takes place in, and I have to say, it seems that Rockstar has done a great job re-creating the living breathing world that we saw in the next gen version. Even though I’m not crazy about GTA IV, the city is probably my favorite piece of the game. GamesRadar has put some side-by-side comparisons of Chinatown Wars and GTA IV up for gamers to check out, and it’s pretty breathtaking.

So what about you guys? Anybody interested in Chinatown Wars? I might actually pick it up now.

Source- GamesRadar

Today’s ZOMG: New Uncharted 2 Screenshots

uncharted2I’ve said plenty of times that I find Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to be one of the unsung heroes so far for this generation. It’s a shame the game was only on the PS3, which meant that only a small pocket of the gaming community at large got a chance to share in its platforming, cinematic joy. Bummer.

However, I’m still stupid excited for the game’s follow up, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Some brand new screenshots released today that about made me slap a bear in the face. These new pictures are not only gorgeous, but they may sport some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, go look. This rates high on the “do want” meter. Very high, indeed. Who played the first game and wants the second?

Source- GamesRadar

The Star Wars Battlefront III That Could Have Been

battlefrontI loved me some Star Wars: Battlefront II. Seriously. I played the junk out of that game online with some friends of mine. We would often just square off against an army of bots, playing as heroes, grunts and whatever else held our fancy to enjoy us some killing, Star Wars style. I think it’s one of my favorite games of last gen, and have been dying for a sequel.

Well, apparently, Free Radical was working on one. I say was with such emphasis because Free Radical just closed up shop in the last couple of weeks. The game has now passed on to Rebellion, so it’s still making its rounds, but recently some SW Battlefront III screenshots have made their way to the intertubes of some of the models being worked on. Granted, these are Free Radical’s designs and are from a year or so ago, but I find it pretty interesting.

Check them out, as some of them are rather fancy. Did any of you guys play Star Wars Battlefront at all? Thoughts?

Source- Kotaku

Drake’s Precarious Uncharted 2 Trailer

Seriously, if you own a PS3 and haven’t played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, you really need to check it out. It’s one of the best games on the PS3, and is just a good old fashioned fun time. A new trailer appeared for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves last night at the VGA’s, along with some ridiculous high-res screenshots over at NeoGAF.

This trailer captures that cinematic flair that made the first game so fun. Can’t wait to play it.


CVG has up some updated information regarding the working KOTOR MMO that everyone in the entire universe (and by that I mean myself) is itching to play. The main feature in this article is about the single player experience, or that the MMO is designed to feel more like Bioware’s single player games, rather than the typical MMO with endless grinding and no substance.

The cool bits of the article relate to character customization, which will apparently be fairly robust as well as the companion characters, which are NPC party members who interact with you just as they do in other Bioware games. It really sounds like they want to give players the KOTOR they’ve been waiting for, in addition to a great MMO.

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Gears of War 2 Reviews Rolling In

As many of you know, Gears of War 2 finally hits this Friday, November 7th. I am actually taking off work for the day, not just for the release, but let’s be honest, it played a big part of it. The exciting thing is that Microsoft has now lifted the embargo on reviews of the game, so they’re starting to pour in like crazy.

Videogaming247 has put together a list of some of the reviews, and I couldn’t help but glance at a couple of them. All told, Gears of War 2 sounds awesome, and is longer, deeper and more epic than the original. I can’t wait. GOWFans also has 50 new high-res screenshots.

Who else is getting Gears of War 2?

Source- Videogaming247

Nintendo: New Wii Punch-Out!

Not sure how many of you remember the old school boxer title Punch Out! from the original NES, but it seems that Nintendo is giving the series a slight makeover and then reviving it on the Nintendo Wii.

There aren’t really any other details besides the screen here, but I’ll definitely be following this one pretty closely. I still have fond memories of that game, not to mention the epic training music and montage that went up before the big fights. I’m pretty excited to see this announcement, that’s for sure. What about you guys?

Source- NintendoWiiFanboy

The Halo MMO That Almost Was

In case you didn’t know, Ensemble Studios, creators of Age of Empires as well as the upcoming Halo Wars, is closing shop soon. This announcement came rather suddenly, and makes a few wonder what’s going to happen to any future titles of those properties.

With this announcement, some information is starting to leak about old projects that got the axe at Ensemble, too, including a Halo MMO that was in development until last year.

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