GamerSushi Asks: Arkham Asylum Thoughts?

batmanThe typical fall slew of games starts dropping in just a few weeks, with Batman: Arkham Asylum officially ushering in the new onslaught. As I’m sure many of you know, the game’s demo just hit the Web this weekend, allowing thousands (perhaps millions) to play as the Caped Crusader, Splinter Cell or MGS style.

While I’ve been cautiously optimistic about this game, I have to say that playing the demo totally pulled me into its web of immersion. I haven’t been that sucked into a video game in awhile, and I was literally on the edge of my seat as I played through what the demo had to offer of Arkham’s dark and brooding hallway interiors. The opening cutscenes for the game are fantastic, and hearing Mark Hamill reprise his role as the Joker was so much fun.

The game is gorgeous and moody, and really fits Batman’s world. I also have to say that the challenge room where you have to take down the guards was bloody fun, and I can’t wait to try more diverse ones. My only worry right now is that combat felt like it could grow old quick. Right now, it just seems like a mashing of the X button (or square for you PS3 friends).

So what about you guys? What were your thoughts on Arkham Asylum?

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6 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Arkham Asylum Thoughts?”

  1. Eddy: “My only worry right now is that combat felt like it could grow old quick. Right now, it just seems like a mashing of the X button (or square for you PS3 friends).”

    Where’s the PC reference?… =)

    I thought that the combat felt appropriate for what it is. It /is/ only a super hero game after all. I remember being really frustrated with Assasssin’s Creed’s combat system at first, (On PC of course – I played it on my friends 360 and it was much easier) but after learning the combos, it was great. But a Batman game… I would be extremley impressed if they made the combat system as indepth as titles similar to AC.

    I think that a theme like Batman deserves simple combat system since it will appeal to such a simple [gaming] audience in general.

    I was much more delighted in the stealth. ‘Splinter Cell style’ would better explain it, since to refer to a game as ‘MGS style’ would imply a LOT…

    Again, can’t wait for this game. Demo was great, enough of everything to make me want to actually purchase it

    [p.s. web of immersion < web of intrigue]

  2. Hopefully the combat will rely more on tactics and waiting for the right moment to strike without your presence being known (well, to a degree as it’s fun to set guards to a ‘Terrified’ state). Also, if the boss battles are epic combat should remain fresh!

  3. I thought the demo was…Ok. I just think that a small section of that game does it a disservice; I imagine that Arkham Asylum is going to be much better as a sum of its parts rather than small chunks of gameplay. I also really, really didn’t like Harley Quinn’s voice, but that’s a different problem.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to pick it up. The demo offered plenty of interesting stuff, but I just can’t wait to use all of Batman’s gadgets, and solve some mysteries! The room with the guards toting guns was really hard for me though, I guess I just got impatient.

    PS, the Darkest of Days demo just came out recently as well…don’t play it. For real.

  4. See, what I hate about demos is that they’ll stop you right before the epic boss battle. That just makes me think “what the hell, that boss would have cemented my purchase.” In any case, it was a very enjoyable demo. I am seriously considering picking this up.

  5. I think the combat will flush out as the game goes on, with more dependence on counterattacking and quick reaction due to those with weapons. And the fact that the combat flows really well will save it.

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