GameCop Vs LameCop #4

GameCop vs. LameCop is a feature where Anthony and I argue about video game issues, playing the role of either the GameCop or the LameCop as we do so. We switch roles each time. The GameCop has your best interests as gamers at heart, while the LameCop is just what he sounds like: a total loser.

This week, we tackle several issues including Nintendo’s Wii Motion Plus, Ubisoft’s shady DLC and Sony’s penchant for starting the hype train too early.

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The Goldeneye Achievements That Could Have Been

ge-360This list is actually kind of sad. You see, Goldeneye was supposed to be released for XBox Live Arcade at some point over the last year or so, but Microsoft and certain other parties couldn’t act like big boys and get the thing to happen. So as a result, we, the gamers missed out on the re-release of an old classic. I mean, imagine an XBL deathmatch in this game. Sigh.

An all too painful reminder of the Goldeneye that could have been graced the Intertubes today, namely in the form of supposedly leaked achievements.

While these aren’t the confirmed actual achievements from the game, the names seem to speak for themselves.

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Tornado Chasing Comes to GMod

tornadochaseI’m sure that many of you are familiar with the Facepunch forums, especially those of you that are HL2 fanatics of different shapes and sizes. Like most forums, it’s full of its own amount of useless drivel, but occasionally, you’ll find a truly precious gem in its hallowed annals.

This particular gem is gm_tornadochase, a new GMod map being built by user monkeyjoe_, who has had real life experience chasing tornadoes. Yes, the premise is exactly what it sounds like. There is a big freaking tornado on the map, complete with realistic physics and swirling debris, and your job is survive by building structures. Also, you can release research probes up into the vortex to gather data for the stormchaser team.

To me, this is one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen out of a gaming community, and I wanted to share it here. It’s not quite finished, but apparently it’s getting there. There are lots of pictures and even some video demonstrations available in the thread. What do you guys think? Is this bad ass or what?

Source- Facepunch

Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout Trailer

Ok, so Mark Hamil’s Joker and a new Batman video game is a total “do want” kind of thing for me. This new Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer finally shows off the voice talents from the animated series, as well as a look at some gameplay. Great stuff in here, this game might actually be worth playing. Thoughts?

Final Fantasy XIII Kick-Off Trailer

Just when I thought I wasn’t interested in Final Fantasy XIII any longer, Square-Enix goes and releases a brand new kick-ass trailer for it. Seriously, after seeing the same one for the last 3-4 years, it’s nice to see some sweet new footage, along with some really exciting battle gameplay. I guess I’m back on the hype train again.

What do you guys think?

Today’s WTF- Gold Farming Site Bought for 10 Million

goldMaybe I’m in the wrong business. You see, I didn’t know that you could make money by selling fake money. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know all about gold farming in MMO’s (accruing lots of gold so you can sell it in real life), but I guess I just didn’t realize it was so lucrative. Like, ten million freaking dollars lucrative.

Yes, today,, a gold farming site, was purchased by an equity company for ten million big ones. So not only can fake money be sold for real money, but you can sell a company that does this for even bigger money.

Only in WoW, eh? What a world.

Source- Kotaku

Prince of Persia DLC Gives Game a Proper Ending

popI’m not sure how many of you played Prince of Persia, but I’m going to give the tiniest of spoilers here, so watch out. While I won’t go into much detail, there really isn’t a true ending to the game, as everything you worked hard to do is essentially undone in the game’s “resolution”. Many people were upset about this, though I guess a few got into it and found it artsy and well done.

However, Ubisoft is going to rectify this with a DLC Epilogue that continues the events of the story, gives some new costumes and even a new power. Personally, I find this to be a little disgusting. Don’t just cut your game off short to give the real ending away for 20 bucks at a later date. I can’t stand the lengths these developers are going to nickel and dime us to death. Or technically, 10 and 20 dollar us to death, to quote Penny Arcade.

So what do you guys think? Fair or foul?

Source- IGN

GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather?

I figured after all this time, and the new year already rolling along (how is it almost February), it was time for another “Would You Rather”? We seriously love the way you guys participate in these topics.

In “Would You Rather’, I simply ask a series of questions, and you follow up with your responses. Give as much or as little explanation as you want with your answers.

However, if your answers suck, there will be robots, with metal hands. You don’t want to know what they do with the metal hands. Trust me.

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Batman Gets Pwned

Ah, the thought of extraordinary people doing extremely ordinary things is always a good one. Take superheroes like Batman, for instance. Does he play video games? Perhaps he plays himself in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. If you imagined all that, you’d end up with this new short, Batman Gets Pwned. This video is cheesy and goofy, but it still made me laugh. Especially love the puns.

GamerSushi Asks: The Perfect Score?

bioshock-1I’m constantly annoyed by the endless debate about giving a game a perfect 10/10. In my mind, there is no such thing as a perfect game, but it’s still alright to give a game a perfect score. Basically, this means you believe that the game is as close as it can get, for its time, to the gaming nirvana, so to speak.

To be honest, there are only a couple of these per generation, though video game publications like to give 10’s out left and right these days. And that’s what really annoys me.

So here comes GameDaily, who recently went back and re-scored several games that it gave 10/10, saying that these titles don’t deserve quite as much praise as they were once given.
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Rumor: 10 Games Most Likely to be Delayed

duke-nukemDelays. We all hate them. But unfortunately, we all know the pain of waiting on pins and needles to see some scrap of new for your favorite game, only to hear that it’s been delayed. Hell, it was almost no surprise to hear that Final Fantasy XIII wouldn’t be coming stateside until mid 2010. We’re all used to this kind of thing.

That’s why GamesRadar put together a nifty list of 10 games most likely to be delayed until 2010. Yes, it’s kind of depressing, but going through the list they’ve put together, I can’t help but agree. I mean, who really thinks that Gran Turismo 5 is going to come out this year? At this point, the number at the end of the title should stand for the amount of years it’s been in development.

However, I really do hope they are wrong about Heavy Rain getting delayed until 2010. Right now, it’s probably my most anticipated title of this gen, save for Mass Effect 2. What about you guys, what are you anxious for? And what do you think will get delayed?

Source- GamesRadar

My Spartan Girl Music Video

One of my favorite machinima groups, Darkspire Films, has released some more comedic gold today with their new music video, My Spartan Girl. It’s essentially dedicated to all the girl gamers out there, specifically in Halo 3. It’s kind of tasteless, hilarious, and maybe also slightly NSFW.

One other word: hawt. And if you really want, you can download the song here.

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage DLC Trailer

The Fallout 3 DLC which so confusingly this week is now being enjoyed by gamers far and wide. Up until now, I’ve only seen screenshots of the thing, which is why it was nice of to Bethesda release this shiny new Operation Anchorage trailer to whet our appetites for some RPG shooter action.

I have to say that I’m an extremely huge fan of the ninja. So who all has played this? Thoughts?

Nintendo Games Take Half the Software Pie in 2008

nintendoYikes. We all know that the Nintendo Wii and DS are literally just shredding the competition. To pieces. Dominating all challengers. Nintendo, were it a man, would be kicking other companies, were they men, in their nuts, if they had them. And then there would be tears, and possibly gloating.

So, what else can Nintendo tack to its 2008 accomplishments to contribute to the “don’t-mess-with-us-bitch-we-are-Nintendo” swagger? Well, possibly this: Nintendo games made up almost half of all software sales last year. Forty-nine percent of all game sales.

Yes, really. I guess people love that Wii more than that PS Triple and XBox 360 after all. Basically, they sold 132 million games, with 70 million being Wii games.

All I have to say is this: Damn, that’s a lot of games.

Source- Gamasutra

Resident Evil 5 Demo is Online!

That’s right, the long awaited demo for the much-anticipated Resident Evil 5 is now online for the XBox 360. The best part? You can even play some co-op with a friend, and slay crazed villagers together! In honor of this totally awesome event, here’s a sweet video of Resident Evil 5 demo co-op play. I still can’t get over these graphics. They make my heart all a flutter.

EDIT: My bad dudes! This is currently available for the XBox 360, but it won’t hit PSN until next week.

A Shadow of the Colossus Retrospective

sotcShadow of the Colossus is one of my favorite PS2 games, if not one of my favorite games, of all time. It is one of the prime examples of “games as art” that we have at this point, and might go down as the Citizen Kane of gaming, or something comparable. Everything from the design, to the story and the gameplay, all work in tandem to create a one of a kind experience.

However, not everyone has had the fortune of playing this fine piece of gaming history. Including the dudes over at Crispy Gamer, who have put up what is essentially a play-by-play of Shadow of the Colossus, as they go through it for the first time. It really is fascinating to read someone’s first time experiences of it as they beat each colossus, and it made me want to pick the game up and play it again after all these years.

Definitely worth the read. How many of you guys have played Shadow of the Colossus? How many would put it in your top 10 favorite games?

Source- Crispy Gamer

Bethesda Short Changes PS3 Owners

fallout3-ps3For me, one of the coolest parts of finishing an open world game such as Grand Theft Auto IV or Crackdown or Fallout 3, is the ability to continue on around the world after everything is said and done. Especially in RPGs, where there might even be loads of sidequests yet to complete, so that you can truly experience all that the game you purchased has to offer.

A lot of people were upset with Fallout 3’s ending, which didn’t allow you to do this. So, Bethesda has heard the cries of discontent, and are releasing a patch this week with the DLC to allow 360 and PC users to continue exploring the post-apocalyptic paradise of Washington, DC. Cool deal, huh? Well, not if you’re a PS3 owner. Apparently, Bethesda has no plans for a PS3 Fallout 3 patch as of now, and they’re ok with that.

Kind of a crappy deal if you ask me. I’m not sure how game developers feel like this lack of support is ok for the gamers. Fair or foul for Bethesda? What do you guys think?

Source- MTV Multiplayer

EDIT: Confusing much? According to The Bitbag, there is no patch for the 360 and the PC. Rather, this update is all part of the DLC- which the PS3 is still not getting. Hope that clears things up a tad.

GamerSushi Asks: Favorite Multiplayer Modes?

halo3ctfAfter playing Left 4 Dead versus like an addict for the last couple of months, I’ve started thinking about what makes it so fun. I mean, it’s not all that different from a game like Halo or Gears of War, right? At its core, it’s still just one team versus another team, so why am I enjoying it like crazy?

To be honest, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it is, in fact, different. While most games rely on the “kill-or-be-killed” mentality, Left 4 Dead, even in versus mode, is a co-operative beast.
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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Trailer

While the latest Indiana Jones movie wasn’t so hot (wtf aliens), there’s always been a lot of potential to extend the life of the franchise through the medium of video games. Here’s a new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, coming to the Wii. Even though it doesn’t show any actual gameplay, I have to say, it definitely has the right feel. I’m actually a little excited.

Rumor: Terminator MMO?

terminatorOut of all the lucrative sci-fi properties floating out in license land, I’m surprised that nobody’s been able to make a decent Terminator game. I mean, the series has it all. Time travel, killer robots, bad ass characters. There’s really a lot of potential there, and so far, nobody’s delivered.

However, there’s always hope. In fact, Halcyon games, part of the Halcyon Company, which owns the rights to the Terminator franchise, has been hinting about discussions for a possible Terminator MMO. Granted, these guys are also making a Terminator: Salvation game which doesn’t look all that great, but even still, the idea is definitely a cool one.

The Terminator franchise would be the perfect fit for an MMO, in my opinion. Imagine if instead of other continents (a la WOW), the game sported different time periods to visit. Playing as the human resistance against the machines could make for some great gameplay as well.

So what do you guys think? Crazy, or cool?

Source- IncGamers