Elites & Noobs: The Great Gaming Divide

hardcore gamerGaming has become big business, of this there is no doubt. Few would argue that video games are not a major force in the entertainment world. But with the rise in popularity comes an ebb in challenging games for the so-called “hardcore” crowd. Indeed, as more and more casual gamers enter the market, games are being streamlined, dumbed-down or made to be even easier than normal. There are many who are upset about this. But I say: so what?

Gaming is a business and it doesn’t pay to make your customers feel stupid or inadequate, unless you are MTV, of course. If a person pays $60 for a video game, they want to experience as much of it as possible. Having supremely difficult enemies or puzzles doesn’t do anything for the publisher in terms of making money, so why shouldn’t they do what they can to level the playing field and ensure that every potential consumer has a meaningful experience with their product? Continue reading Elites & Noobs: The Great Gaming Divide

Nintendo Throwing a Bone

Who says there are no hardcore games from Nintendo anymore? There are loads of them! At least, that’s Nintendo’s story, and they’re sticking to it, thank-you-very-much. In fact, they’ll have you know that their developers are up to their pointy ears in hardcore games, and will continue to be that way… for at least 2-3 years…

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