GamerSushi Asks: E3 2013 Predictions

e3 2013

E3 2013 is right around the corner (seriously, it’s on Monday!) so it’s time to bust out those E3 predictions! Gaming yearly extravaganza always seems to sneak up on us, even when we know exactly when it’s coming.

This year is going to be especially interesting considering that both Microsoft and Sony’s next generation consoles have been announced. With Microsoft’s recent info-dump about the Xbox One’s stance on used-game and its once-a-day mandatory Internet check in, I wonder whether they’ll concentrate mainly on games or try to do further damage control.

So! What do you think is going to happen at E3? What are you looking for out of the press conferences? Of the big two, since Nintendo is skipping E3 this year, who do you think will come out on top? Will EA announce SimCity 2? Go!

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3 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: E3 2013 Predictions”

  1. Im hoping for Nintendo to talk about first party games. And I hope for the steam box release.

  2. I can pretty much promise that Nintendo will talk about first party games.

    I want to see something Final Fantasy related that will make me excited instead of resigned. Seems like a small thing to ask for,

    Also, I want to hear Sony’s stance on always-online and DRM, whether the PS4 Eye Camera will be needed and all the other stuff they have been holding back.

    From Microsoft, I know there will be lots of games, but I want to see something new instead of more Halo and Gears.

    And from Nintendo…just make more 3DS games. They will announce Smash Bros and Zelda and maybe Metroid and a 3D Mario and everyone will freak, but that just isn’t enough for me anymore. The same franchises just different iterations on a new system. I hope they shock me and go outside their normal pattern, but Nintendo isn’t the biggest driver of change.

  3. Here’s hoping for news on that SSB 3DS release!

    Hopefully we’ll see some PS4 UI features from Sony and some games from MS that aren’t established franchises. Actually, the last one goes for both of them. I need more variety!

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