The Last of Us Reviews Explode Onto the Web

the last of us reviews

Man oh man, if there’s one game for the rest of this year that might be able to topple BioShock Infinite off of its lofty perch, it’s The Last of Us. Sure, everybody might have their own personal Game of the Year (come on, Battlefield 4), but I predict that those two giants will be slugging it out for that prestigious award come December.

What makes me say that, you ask? Well, in case you missed it yesterday, the review embargo for Naughty Dog’s fungal-fueled post-apocalyptic title lifted and there are some fantastic reviews out there. Here’s a round-up of what some outlets are saying about it:

Pretty much unanimous across the board, except for Polygon’s review which highlights a few inconsistencies with the shooting mechanics. The multiplayer is of particular interest to me, especially considering I kind of forgot that The Last of Us even had this mode.

The game is out next Friday, so what do you guys think about these reviews? Are you getting excited?

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10 thoughts on “The Last of Us Reviews Explode Onto the Web”

  1. I’m very excited. This game was on my radar, but due to the fact that Naughty Dog has had some problems with ludonarrative dissonance in the past, I was worried about how this game would handle its violence compared to Uncharted. Sure previews have assured us that that’s not the case, but I wouldn’t believe it until I saw Adam Sessler’s review of the game. This game seems like it’s success hinges on its ability to have a strong sense of ludonarrative harmony, and if it pulls it off as well as the Sess says, I’m pretty pumped. There are few things in this world that I love more than an extremely dark, emotional, and character-focused story.

  2. The word of the day is “ludonarrative”.

    On a different topic, I think I might avoid Adam Sessler’s reviews for uber-hyped games in the future. That man has a gift for giving mind boners with words.

  3. There’s a multiplayer mode? I literally had no idea/recollection of this.

    Time to go watch the Sess now. I’m gagging for a mind boner.

  4. After the first two 10/10’s that were leaked, I was worried that it was going to be over-hyped. But since just about everyone is happy giving it perfect scores, i think the hype might be justified. I can’t wait 🙂

    Polygon’s review does strike me as quite weird though. If TLOU was getting rated similar scores by other outlets as well (7.5 Is by no means terrible though), then i wouldn’t be so weirded out by the difference in scores. But apparently Remember Me, which is getting universally mixed reviews rated higher? I guess its all up to who’s writing the review, their likes/dislikes etc. At least i can get a feel of the quality thanks to the combination of all reviewers, not just the one. Cant’s wait for you guys to review it too.

  5. I believe the way Polygon’s review process works (at least according to what their review editor said about it on Rebel FM) is that the reviewer writes it, then the other review staff reads it and assigns a score based on the text.

    So, a reviewer could write something that in their mind reads like an 8.5 but it ends up coming out a point lower than that. Seems convoluted to me.

  6. So reviews are based on how the writer conveys the quality of the game? How is that a legitimate review process? ew.

  7. @Mitch
    Lol I’m busting out the ol’ game studies vocabulary. And you’re so right about Adam Sessler, the guy knows way more words than your typical game reviewers (no mentions of the word “lush”) and can really get you excited for a game that he likes.

  8. @Anthony

    hahahaha, that sounds hilarious. Limit yourself to 100 words to make it a challenge 😛

  9. Oh man I am so excited for this game, due largely from Adam Sessler review induced mind boners. Mitch you definitely have it right about the Sess. He just knows how to present everything in such a way that has you in goosebumps, and your mind smoking a cliched metaphoric cigarette from the sweet love those words made to it. I hope that this game is a fitting last title for the PS3 to end the generation on.

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