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Hola friends, bro-mans, Sushians — and welcome to GamerSushi, summer style. If you are up to date on the latest podcast (and if you’re not, then why aren’t you, because we talk about XBox One and it is fantastic) then you know that Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer for us here at Sushi land, and we take that thing pretty seriously. It helps us to take a slight break while game news trickles to a crawl just after E3, and gives us a chance to recharge a bit and continue doing this thing year after year. For real, we’d probably have hit each other with hammers and blown up the site if we didn’t get a chance to do this, and then what podcast would you listen to?

With the summer schedule we’ll be posting 3 times per week instead of the normal 5-7. That means you’ll still get plenty of gaming content and commentary, just not at the normal frequency. You’ll find the schedule below.

The schedule basically breaks our normal schedule into a two week block, with posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. So that means that instead of Monday through Friday for our general topics, we’ll spread those out over two weeks, with a feature in between. Here’s what that looks like:

Block A:
Tuesday – What We’re Playing
Thursday – Pixel Count
Saturday – Feature

Block B:
Tuesday – Did You See This?
Thursday – Stop the Presses
Saturday – GamerSushi Asks Feature

Does this mean posts will only be on the designated days? Possibly not, since we’ll likely find other breaking news that is worth posting immediately, as tends to happen every now and then, and most especially during the week of E3. This also doesn’t mean you’ll only get one post every couple of days, as we tend to like to post similar things about the same topics.

Anyway, let us know what you think of the summer schedule. Our final podcast of the “season” will be the E3 wrap up. Until then, enjoy friends!

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3 thoughts on “GamerSushi: Summer Schedule”

  1. The schedule has been great and seemed very busy; a summer slow down is very much in order. Looking forward to the E3 podcast.

  2. Sounds good. As long as I still have a reason to come here and have some good chats with you guys, I don’t mind waiting an extra day for it. Also, how long is the intended break between podcast seasons this time? I still shudder to think of… THAT break…

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