The GamerSushi Show, Ep 71: All for Xbox One

gamersushi show ep 71 xbox one

It might come as no surprise that the majority of this week’s cast is dedicated to the Xbox One reveal. We talk about our thoughts on the device, everything from the announcement itself to whether or not people actually need a console that can do all this stuff when they already have three or four more gadgets that can do the same thing.

After we wax philosophical about the Xbox One, we make a couple E3 predictions and those are always fun. In case you missed it during the cast proper, this will be our last cast for a couple of weeks until E3, which is when we’ll do our “Season Finale” E3 wrap-up.

You know what to do. Listen, rate, all that good stuff. See you after E3!

0:00 – 8:20 Intro
8:21 – 46:21 Xbox One
46:22 – 1:05:55 E3 Predictions
1:05:56 – 1:06:59 Outro

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One thought on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 71: All for Xbox One”

  1. E3 will be super interesting this year for sure.

    Nintendo- Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Retro, and they will have a solid and safe showing. Maybe a price drop. Although it will be interesting to see how effective Nintendo Directs during E3 really are.

    Microsoft- A few of the 15 exclusives shown, hopefully game-play and not CG/live action like Quantam Break. COD: Dogs will show a small, action packed segment from one of its campaign levels.

    Sony- Will show the console, and hopefully (but probably not) price and release date. A few of the games shown in feb (Infamous, Driveclub) will be shown again, maybe with more gameplay. And one or two exclusives from Naughty Dog or Media Molecule. Square Enix will take the stage briefly to announce FF Versus has been canabalised and is now FF13-4: Lightning Forever. Lightning will replace every single character, and all the summons, magic, weapons and bosses are also replaced by Lightning. Also, Square-enix buys Konami, and is now making Metal Gear Lightning.

    Basically Nintendo has to drop a few exclusives for us, Microsoft has to not talk about TV at all and focus on games. Sony seems fine, but knowing them the past few years there will be something questionable about their showing. Apart from that, then E3 is a winner for everyone.

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