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Left 4 Dead co-op

If there’s one thing that we’re crazy about here at GamerSushi, it’s the wonder of co-op gaming. I’m surprised you guys aren’t sick of hearing about me always talk about how much I love playing games with other people. I don’t know if co-op’s just that fun or if I’m just that sad and lonely, but either way, I want to marry it.

UGO recently added a new list to their site about the 25 Best Co-Op Games of all time, and it’s interesting as a study of the wide variety of co-op games we’ve seen over gaming history. Really, the NES, Sega Genesis and SNES days had a lot more co-op gaming than I gave them credit for, which makes a lot of sense considering how much my friends and I used to play together. Toe Jam and Earl is one the list reminded me of that I hadn’t considered in a long time.

It’s actually pretty difficult to quantify my favorite co-op experiences of all time. There’s so many to choose from. For this gen it would be Resident Evil 5 (no jokes, wise guys), Guardian of Light, Crackdown and Left 4 Dead.

What about you guys? What do you think of this list? I know we’ve asked this before, but what are your favorite co-op games you’ve ever played?

Source – UGO

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9 thoughts on “Ranking the Best Co-Op Video Games”

  1. RE5 would rank damn high. BFBC2 would also be a strong contender for co-op moments. When my friends and I are working well as a team we end up carrying most of our team. It is nice, though, when you have 2 or 3 squads in a team trying to win rather than get a good KDR as flattening an opposing team is always fun (but then so is coming back from the brink of defeat). However, my fave co-op moments belong to the Conflict series (not including Denied Ops which was shit). Desert Storm 2 was probably the best with Global Storm a close second. I had DS2 on the Gamecube which meant 4 player co-op was an option, the PS2 sadly lacked this feature, so there was much fun to be had planning attacks with my friends and then arguing with each other when one of us screwed the plan up.

  2. Army of 2 I mean come on they put Cain and Lynch on the list A02 should have been on the list. Fable 2 granted it had its issues but still there is noting better than playing in some one else version of Albion and see how they did things differently and helping out with achievements and leveling up.

  3. I can remember how much fun Rainbow 6: Vegas was. I played both 1 and 2 with friends and yes, it was more fun as a co-op game. It added a new aspect to the gameplay of a FPS, I enjoyed it.

    The biggest one on the list to me is New Super Mario Wii. That game was an instant classic when I played it with my girlfriend. We have beaten it twice and really wish there was another one of those games so we could move on to that one. Honestly, its probably the most fun I have had in co-op

  4. Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, and Guardian of Light are all huge on my list.

    Granted I don’t think much of UGO’s list at all. How were they ranking these things when a game with so many co-op elements like L4D finds itself waaaaay down the list?

  5. TimeSplitters 2 and 3 for the last generation had its moments, if just for the sake of it being a successor to Perfect Dark.

    Left 4 Dead in my opinion is probably the best co-op game of the generation, probably because its campaign was actually organized around co-op rather than one “main” player and then a few benign entities who shot things and got shot at.

    Bad Company 2 would be a close runner-up, I’m a bit disappointed there’s no offline co-op in something like Onslaught mode but it’s still incredibly fun, and the multiplayer actually rewards and encourages cooperative gameplay with the squads and actively rewarding people for helping their teammates besides shooting the same thing they were shooting at, especially Onslaught mode.

    House of the Dead: Overkill is a great co-op game, just for the virtue of watching the “overkill” when two people got into the mix with automatic weapons.

  6. Resident Evil 5 should have been higher, along with Left 4 Dead. I think Nazi Zombies from WaW could have had a spot, it came out of nowhere and was a blast… I feel like I read the wrong list, sure there was some good ones but did I miss Borderlands?

  7. I can’t believe Splinter Cell’s co-op didn’t even get a nod. That was some of the most fun I’ve had with the series.

  8. It IS a list after all, but with all the oldies thrown in there, I can’t believe they missed TMNT: Turtles in Time and Legend of the Mystical Ninja. 2 great games that we still play in our house.

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