Merry Christmas, Fools!


Or whatever other thing you celebrate. But today’s Christmas. So as such, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, you animals. I hope this post finds all of you doing some gaming, enjoying families, being Christmas-y in general.

I’ve had family in town for the last week, but was finally able to get back to the gaming yesterday, when I beat Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I also ran over to Gamestop and picked up Lost Odyssey and Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands, both of which were only around $20 bucks apiece. Apparently they started a deal the day after, where if you buy two used games, you get one free – so make good on that and get yourself some extra Christmas bonuses.

Anyway, how have your holidays been? What are you playing? What was your loot? Post it!

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  1. Happy Xmas y’all!
    This year I got a new PS3 (with GT5), a phone, a Futurama calander, The Grapes of Wrath, a pair of earphones and a partridge in a pear tree. Also my girlfriend got me a ticket to go see Russel Howard one of my fave comedians! So I’ve been havin’ a good one. As I post this my family and I are about to start watching some christmas TV specials. What would christmas be without TV specials? I ask you.

  2. Lovin’ the picture. Watched National Lampoons with the family yesterday (Or Grizwald’s Christmas as it’s improperly known in my family). And then watched Scott Pilgrim with my brother which I had not seen yet. F*ckin’ awesome. Spend today opening presents and installing games I bought through Steam during their RIDICULOUS Holiday sale.. I’ve purchased 7 games so far, and I don’t see myself stopping… Tomorrow, another family gathering and more foods. It’s been a great year.

    Merry Christmas fellas.

  3. I got $235 total from my relatives (I am 16) and i have so far bought 3 games with that money: Torchlight ($5), Dragon Age: Origins-Ultimate Ed. ($25), and Splinter Cell: Conviction ($15). I am probably going to buy one or two more games and save the rest of the money. I also finally watched The Blues Brothers which I thought was pretty funny.
    Merry Christmas Guys and keep up the great work on the site!

  4. This was kind of a sentimental gaming Christmas that I never saw coming. The last thing I was told to open this morning was a Wii and Goldeneye. It was twelve years ago to the day (Christmas ’98) when I got my first console, a Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye. I was never expecting this because I had just mentioned in passing that they remade the game and that Game Stop had a great deal with the limited edition Super Mario Bros. console. Little did I know it would be under the tree. Needless to say I spent most of the afternoon playing that game, a couple campaign levels and some online.

    Other than that I received a pair of Sennheiser headphones that I can use for monitoring on my present to myself that I bought back in early November, a pair of Pioneer CDJ-1000s and a DJM-350 (for those of you who know DJ equipment). I spent all summer and fall working and saving to buy those.

    Those two things were basically it, but they made for a great day (and more fun to come!).

  5. Hey Yall Merry Christmas!

    I personally got nothing video game related but I did get a nice jacket, some boxers, wallet, and this one game called cuponk. Basically the game is where you throw a ping pong ball into a cup and it makes loud noises if you make it. Pretty neat I know. Plus family party hopping which was interesting and I ate too much food at each.

    and Huh, what is this, Julez BUYING games?

  6. Awww, Muaddib!! Don’t be sour; it’s Christmas! I purchase a lot of games! I just spend time renting as many as I can first to figure out which ones are worth the purchase! If you rent 10 console games a month, you pay 50 bucks (ish?), I pay 50 bucks a month to pay for the bandwidth to “rent” a few myself! Don’t worry, if they’re worth it, the developers get compensated!

    My ship may be made of wood, but my heart is made of gold 😉

  7. Okay, pardon my French, but I gotta say this. I bought a fuckload of games on Steam. They were having holiday sales left and right (THAT CONTINUE LIKE CRAZY UNTIL JANUARY 2ND). I got KotOR for five bucks, both Monkey Island games for three bucks total, around fifteen indie games for 12 bucks, Deus Ex: Invisible War for ten bucks, Bully for seven bucks, Beyond Good & Evil for five bucks, Torchlight for ten bucks, and both Star Wars: Dark Forces games for three bucks.

    I also got a PS3, with Red Dead Redemption and Infamous. Needless to say, I’m set for the year. At least, until Skyrim comes out.

  8. I got a PS3 Holiday bundle so I got the God of War collection and God of War 3 for free, and Uncharted 1 and 2. I have some very good gaming ahead of me.

  9. @Muaddib

    Ha! The Julez burn made me lol.

    As for my Christmas, I nabbed some Amazon gift cards and in addition to the things I mentioned in the post I also got Enslaved, Demon’s Soul and Undead Nightmare. I’ve got lots of games to keep me company for a few weeks until Little Big Planet 2 comes out and starts the 2011 avalanche.

  10. Not much gaming-related under the Christmas tree, but to continue the trend, I did pick up a PS3 in the pre-Christmas sales, along with Heavy Rain and LBP, (got some really strange looks at checkout with that combination). Looking forward to Uncharted, God of War, and Demon’s Souls if I can work up the courage. Here’s hoping 2011 really is the year of the PS3!

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