God of War III Trailer Coming Soon

Well, I guess Spike TV managed to nab a bunch of rad exclusives for the Video Game Awards this year. First, they’ve teased a world premiere of Uncharted 2, and now there are even rumblings about God of War III for the PS3 debuting as well. The Awards will be shown on December 14th.

Apparently, David Jaffe, the creator of God of War III, has been talking up the graphics, saying that Gears of War 2 would be put to shame, etc. That’s mighty big talk from a mighty big mouth, so let’s see what the game actually looks like.

Anybody else excited about this announcement?

Source- VG247

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One thought on “God of War III Trailer Coming Soon”

  1. I am pumped, but I will likely not watch it as those shows cater to the lowest common douchenator.

    I will look forward to seeing the good stuff on the net and on gamersushi.com!

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