Kind of Awesome Dragonball Z Fight

I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance for what you’re about to witness. You see, I have a secret love for Dragonball Z and everything about it. There, I said it. It saddens me that a terrible movie is getting made regarding this ridiculous anime. Maybe they should have consulted these dudes first. Cheesy, but awesome. Much like the show itself, no?

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7 thoughts on “Kind of Awesome Dragonball Z Fight”

  1. Hell yea its awesome! Live action is hard to do. I think it has to be done in a way like this, something the fans can snicker at but still enjoy. I think that was really good.

    Im so glad the Halo movie is dead, it was going to suck the big one. Im sorry, but live action halo just wouldn’t work. The brutes looked like crap in their teasers. Aliens looked better than the CG Brutes…

    Hopefully the DBZ live action wont be so bad it makes the fans cry

  2. I use to love Dragonball Z when i was younger. This brought back a lot of fun memories. lol.
    Very well done.
    The nerdiest thing i have ever seen on the net to date…but very cool.

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