Top Old School NES Quotes

Sometimes I forget just how much I played my NES, and just how many games I managed not only to play, but to beat when I was just a wee lad. Summers and after school were times of massive NES playing time, and it seems that I got around to those games like a woman of loose morals.

This is all confirmed after reading SydLexia’s “50 NES Quotes Every Gamer Should Know”, which goes through a huge catalog of games (well, 50 to be precise) and dishes out some truly great gems. Everything from bad translations, goofy writing and more can be found from these old school NES games. To be honest, I’m really surprised by how many of these I played and owned. I totally remember the one from Rambo, the video game, for instance.

Totally worth a read if you were an NES dude like myself. What about you guys? Did you remember any of these?

Source- SydLexia

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3 thoughts on “Top Old School NES Quotes”

  1. This site has a bunch of great NES articles. A Winner is You is one of my faves.

    Save Sylvia from Mr. X is a great one. I loved that game.

  2. If I ruled a country, the national anthem would be singing the Ghostbusters ending thing. Now that is classy.
    I pretty much lol’d at each one of these. Oh teh memories…

  3. There is nothing funny I can say that will come even close to how hilarious I find this list. =P

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