GamerSushi Returns


GamerSushi has sputtered back to life this week after over a year’s absence. I’m not entirely sure exactly what spurred us back into action, but the crew has been talking in Slack for quite some time about getting this whole thing going again and earlier this week we just decided to go for it.

We’re not 100% on what GamerSushi will consist of going forward. Because we’re all in such different places now, GamerSushi won’t have a set schedule like the past and we may throw in a post or two about topics other than video games. A podcast has been talked about but we don’t have an ETA on that either, although it’s looking fairly certain at this point.

You might have also noticed that the estimable Jeff James redesigned the site to fit in with our new approach. The features bar up top is gone, but we’ll still be doing long-form pieces and reviews from time to time. Some aspects of the site are still under construction, so please mind our dust.

Thanks for waiting for us while we were gone, and thanks for coming back. The best aspect of GamerSushi is the friendly atmosphere that we all had and some of the great conversations I’ve been a part of about gaming. I can’t wait for that to start up again.

Image from: OldHat104 on Deviant Art

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  1. I may have shed a tear…
    Oh man, now I have to remember who everyone is! Who’s an Xbot? Who’s Master Race? Who’s that one die hard Nintendo guy (there’s always one)?

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