GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

It’s a question as old as time: what have you been playing recently?

As it has been quite a while since we’ve asked you this question, I imagine most of you have quite the backlog, but for the sake of our fingers I’m going to just stick to the last few months.

The number one game taking up my time is Destiny: The Taken King. On a weekly basis you can find me looking for pick-up-groups to do the King’s Fall raid on Hard Mode with the associated challenges. Bungie massively improved Destiny with their large year two expansion and it got the entire GS crew (sans Jeff) back into the game hard for a few months.

Bungie sadly hasn’t followed up the momentum Taken King gave them and the messaging is that Destiny is in a bit of a holding pattern with maybe one or two interesting content additions coming in 2016 (scuttlebutt says Destiny 2 is a Fall title). Even though Destiny is spinning its wheels a bit, it’s still got its hooks in me.

Other than that I picked up a large number of games over the Steam Winter Sale with Total War: Rome 2 proving to be very engaging. I’ve also been playing a few rounds of Battlefield 4 here and there, but I bet you guessed that already.

So what have you been playing recently? Any under-the-radar games you want to recommend or big AAA titles you want to leave your thoughts on? Sound off below!

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  1. I played a lot of Fallout 4 before the holidays, but I haven’t had a chance to dive back in. It’s definitely a really time-consuming game, so it’s hard to fit in around other things.

    During the Steam Sale, I bought Crypt of the Necro-Dancer, along with a few other things, and that’s the game I’ve played the most in the past few weeks. I haven’t made it past the first area, though.

  2. I’m currently trying to get in to Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – maybe not the best choice for my first JRPG in years, as it’s pretty dense, but I haven’t given up yet. Also playing a little AC: Syndicate.

    I got sucked into the Brawhalla beta last fall, and I still can’t seem to resist playing a few matches most nights. It plays like a stripped-down, no nonsense Smash Bros. title, and it’s very satisfying when you get a good match going, but I’ve been trying to cut back to make room for other things.

    1. See, I bought Battlefront and barely played it before I traded it in. It was kind of boring/frustrating, and I could never find time to play with the guys, so it just seemed like a waste.

  3. Before Christmas I was just finishing up Halo 5 but then I got Fallout 4 and Wolfenstein: The New Order as presents. Actually having more fun with Wolfenstein at this point, having trouble settling into Fallout sadly.

  4. I’ve actually been sinking myself into quite a few games. I’ve still been on my usual grind on CS:GO and staying informed on the competitive scene. I picked up a great indie title on the Steam Winter Sale called The Long Dark that is a open world survival game that actually doesn’t involve zombies, just you, the cold Canadian wilderness and wildlife that will kill you if provoked. It’s tense but very rewarding and fun to play. I’ve also gotten into Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen and both are quite enjoyable as well. I’ve also sunk massive amounts of time into Fallout 4 and been toying around with the plethora of mods for it. All in all, this holiday season brought some fantastic gaming opportunities. Hope everyone had a good holiday!

    1. Dude, The Long Dark is seriously great. I haven’t played it since quite a few updates ago (Steam says I got it in September of 2014, holy crap time flies) but I’ve been meaning to jump back in for a while!

  5. Over the holidays I took a serious break from CS:GO which was nice actually. Every time there is a steam sale, there is a serious influx of cheating/brand new accounts in matchmaking that just make the competitive game really frustrating. I put 90 odd hours into Fallout 4 leading up to Christmas, wrapped up the story and now just completing all of the companion quests that are still available. I received Pillars Of Eternity as a gift and man, that is a serious departure for me into hardcore isometric RPGs.

    This past holiday sale was one that I spent very little on. Picked up Nuclear Throne which is a neat rogue-like as well as Super Indie Karts which is like Super Mario Kart on LSD featuring characters from other Indie games you know and love.

    Too many games, too little time.

  6. @Julez I’m right there with you on taking a break from CS:GO. It wasn’t so much new accounts/cheaters that caused it, so much as it was just discovering new games to sink myself into.

    Oh I also forgot to mention that I just recently took the plunge and got a Wii U over the holidays. It’s been quite enjoyable to play Super Mario Maker, and finally getting to play the new Smash Bros. was worth the wait. I’d like to pick up some more games for my Wii U when the money’s good.

    Other things of note are that I felt nostalgic about Diablo II recently and had a hankering to play it again. A good friend of mine gifted me a copy and bought himself one and we’ve been playing through it after so many years away from it. I’ve also given Black Ops 3 a whirl and honestly it’s the first time I’ve had fun with a CoD game in quite awhile since I hadn’t played one since about MW3/Black Ops 2. The movement system feels organic and fits nicely in the series. Other than that, just so many games to play and so little time. Thankfully I’m on my last semster in college so I’m excited to get that done and free up a bit more time.

  7. Welcome back fellas!
    I’ve been playing the crap out of MGS V and am loving it. It’s the type of stealth espionage game I’ve always wanted to play. Also still adding to my hour total in Eastside Hockey Manager. I never thought id be one to play the crap out a Football Manager type of game.

  8. Right now I’m jumping back and forth between MGS V and Life Is Strange. I picked up a Steam Link and Steam Controller over the holidays and I’m seriously loving it. Hoping to dive into a few more of my Steam games that I’ve been ignoring. I just love playing on a couch and like being able to be in the common area of my house instead of going into the office like a hermit and ignoring my kids.

    While I love MGS V, I’m thinking I might put it down soon. I probably screwed myself by playing WAY too many side ops before really diving into the story. I’m on mission 21 and starting to feel a bit worn out on the formula, even though I LOVE the game overall. As for Life Is Strange, it’s easily one of the best of last year, and I’m surprised I didn’t see more people talking about it.

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