Microsoft E3 Press Conference Round Up

xbox e3 2014

As Phil Spencer said today, the Microsoft press conference this morning was only about games, and holy heck was there a lot of them! Hit the jump to check out what went down in the conference and see some trailers where applicable.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – The new trailer for Advanced Warfare showed off some near-future combat and also reminded me heavily of the old E3 trailer for Halo 2.
Forza – There are some cars here. It looks nice!
Evolve – A short trailer showed off some new Hunters and a new monster that looks like Elector and Cthulhu had a baby.
Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Ubisoft unveiled four player campaign co-op for Unity where a quadruplet of French Assassins use their next-gen crouching move to take down a target.
Dragon Age: Inquisition – Some nice shots of the landscape and a few quick combat cuts.
Sunset Overdrive – This game looks really fun and pretty typical of Insomniac. This seems to be leading the charge for an abundance of color in games which I can get behind after last gen.
Fantasia Music Evolved
Dance Central Spotlight
Fable Legends – Lionhead is back on that Fable trip with a pretty samey looking four-player game.
Project Spark – Microsoft showed off their game-creation game and revealed that Conker is going to be in Project Spark.
Ori & the Blind Forest – I know next to nothing about this other that it looks gorgeous and will probably make me cry.
Halo: Master Chief Collection – All numbered Halos and Halo: Combat Evolved in one collection on the Xbox One with over 4,000 Gamerscore to earn and every Halo multiplayer map remade with the original engine.
Halo: Nightfall – A quick teaser about the TV show co-produced with Ridley Scott. Not much here.
Halo 5 Guardians Beta – Halo 5: Guardians will have a multiplayer beta this Fall on Xbox One. You can unlock exscluive content via the Master Chief Collection and Halo: Nightfall.
INSIDE – The second game from Limbo studio Playdead.
ID@Xbox – A quick montage of indie games to remind you that Microsoft still cares about indie gaming.
Rise of the Tomb Raider – We’re apparently getting a sequel to last year’s Tomb Raider reboot and this is great news.
Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Another trailer for this game, which continues to look nuts.
Phantom Dust – This is a reboot of an original Xbox game, apparently? I guess it’s a fighter or something. It’s a CG trailer so keep your shirts on.
The Division – A team of amazingly nice gamers run through a mission and end up at a home base. I love the look of the HUD.
Scalebound – Platinum Games brought out a trailer for an upcoming project of their where you put on headphones, turn into a dragon and fight other dragons? It all happened pretty fast.
Crackdown 3 – Crackdown is back and a trailer shows some Agents collaborating to eliminate a city block to remove one target. It’s not actual gameplay so who knows if this is even close to what we’ll be doing.

What did you guys think of Microsoft’s conference? Did they bring it this year? Glad we didn’t see a Kinect anywhere?

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One thought on “Microsoft E3 Press Conference Round Up”

  1. A really solid conference from MS. They stuck purely to games, and the conference came out better than I had hoped. This is how conferences should be like.

    All Games
    Scalebound exclusivity
    More games.
    And then some more games. superb.

    Conker comes out, Conker game? LOL JOKES NOPE. “MAKE YOUR OWN GAME” thanks MS.-This was their bombshell moment and they blew it.

    Scalebound’s protagonist reminds me of the new Dante, in look and attitude which is unfortunate.

    The master chief collection is a good deal, however two years in a row Halo 5 has been given a CG teaser. But hey, 4000 gamerscore amirite?

    Phantom Dust- When they said they were bringing an old IP back, I was instantly excited. Turns out they mean this, which was apparently on the first x-box? Just a little annoying considering that if an IP was to be brought back, I doubt this was on anyone’s list. Also completely CG.

    Apart from that, MS is shaping up strong at E3

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