Sony E3 Press Conference Round Up

Playstation E3 2014

It’s time for the Sony E3 2014 Press Briefing and I am here on the couch ready to have my mind blown. Sony set the bar last year at E3 and after a solid showing from Microsoft earlier today, not to mention all the big changes the Big M has made in recent weeks, the pressure is on Sony to prove last year is not a fluke.

I am going to run this as it goes, so bear with me here.

Before we even get moving, let me tell you how much I am going to miss Jack Tretton. He was like a kindly, smarmy uncle and his presence really made Sony’s presentation stand out.

Starting off with Destiny. Lore building going on in this trailer. Some Guilty Spark-looking thing just appeared. It’s filling in the backstory, providing motivation and such.

Destiny beta out July 17th with an Alpha build for PS4 owners on THIS Thursday. White PS4 bundle with Destiny also on the way.

Showing off The Order: 1886 right now. Crisp and sleek. I like the look of this.

New game being shown, Entwined. Colorful, origami looking design. The game is available right for $9.99 in the PSN Store for PS4. Pretty cool.

Talking Infamous: Second Son. DLC perhaps? Yep, Stand-alone DLC available this summer. Looks like it stars that Neon-powered girl from Second Son. Infamous: First Light.

LITTLEBIGPLANET 3 FOR PS4!!! WHOOO! There’s a dog-like thing for Sackboy now, called Oddsock. He’s cute. I love him. Another new character, Swoop. He’s a bird. He can fly. This is hitting my fun button hard. Showing how each character can use their abilities to navigate the levels. This is so charming. Face is hurting, I am grinning so much. LBP 3 out November!

Shuhei Yoshida is out to talk right now. Says all created levels from LBP and 2 will be available to play with improved graphics on LBP 3.

New IP from a respected developer. Bloodborne, formerly known as Project Beast. From Software joint. Creepy-ass setting. 19th century from the looks of it. Coming 2015. Count me in.

Far Cry 4 is up. Impressive looking mountains. Wicked crossbow action. Explosions and more of that awful Far Cry driving. Over a cliff and using a suit to fly like a flying squirrel. Neat! The world looks huge. A 2nd player just joined. Wha? There are elephants, too. Co-op action here. I like this. I can see Eddy and myself killing some elephants.

Adam Boyes coming out, probably to tout some indie goodness. WHOA! You can invite people to join you in Far Cry 4 even if they don’t own the game. Available only on Playstation. That’s awesome. Black magic!

New Dead Island trailer playing now. Fun, but not as good as the original. The game should be better this time, though. Jogger turns into zombie, keeps jogging. This is would be Eddy. Dead Island 2.

Last of Us enemies will be in Diablo: Reaper of Souls. Neat.

30 day beta for Dead Island 2 on PS4.

Battlefield: Hardline beta on PS4 available today. New gameplay trailer for it. Mitch will like that.

Marvel Disney Infinity exclusive stuff for PS4 and more Destiny exclusive stuff on PS4. Too much to keep up with. Sony hitting hard with these small exclusive items. Exclusive strike mission on Mars.

Magicka for PS4? Magicka 2! Nice! I missed out on the first one. Might give this one a try. Looks fun.

Double Fine remastering Grim Fandgo for PS4. THAT’S SO AWESOME!

Sizzle reel of games coming to PS4, console debut. Broforce, Titan Souls, Hotline Miami 2 and more. Ton of games. All of this is good. The more variety, the better.

New game from Suda 51. Hold on to your butts. PS4 exclusive: Let It Die. Looks rough. Like Saw-rough. Violence sells.

New game from the makers of Journey. Underwater, diving. Looks pretty. I think I am in love. Abzu. Count me in, even if Journey didn’t rock my world.

No Man’s Sky console debut on PS4. It looks amazing. There are dinosaurs on an alien planet. I may need to lie down. From dinos to space. This is fantastic. Everyone starts on a different planet. Infinite universe. Every experience is different. The creator of the game came out and he was very emotional. A touching moment.

Andrew House is back out. Mentions Playstation Camera being a “choice”. Uh oh. VR headset. Project Morpheus. Says there are teams working on games for Morpheus.

Shawn Layden, Tretton’s replacement is out. Not-Tretton is rocking a purple tie. I dig it. Talking PSN right now. 95% of PS4’s are connected to PSN.

Youtube coming to PS4 this year. Can upload video captures directly to Youtube by pressing the Share button. New content for Playroom.

Free to play games now. 25 FtP games coming to PS4 in the next 12 months. Sizzle reel of FtP games for PS4 and Vita.

Playstation Now starting with PS3 titles. Open beta July 31st on PS4 and later on PS3 and Vita. PS Now coming to select Sony TV’s. All you need is a Dualshock 3 and you can play games without a console. This is the future. Access to over 100 games.

PS Now for Vita, which is crazy when you think about it. 100 Vita games in development. Minecraft coming to Vita because Minecraft.

Playstation TV launching this fall. Allows you to to pair with your PS4 to enable remote play on a second TV in your home. Access to PS Now and Vita games, PSP and PSone classics. And it’s $99. Bundle also for $139.

Mortal Kombat X! Gameplay footage! Looks fluid, fast and fun. Give. Brutal. I love it.

Original TV series, Powers, based on the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis. Bendis is onstage now. Powers greenlit to series. Sounds like a neat premise: superhero mysteries. Powers out in December for PSN users.

Original programming coming to PSN Plus, so no extra charge for Powers. Ratchet and Clank movie! Coming to theaters in 2015. Sign me the eff up. Original Ratchet being remastered for PS4.

The Last of Us coming to PS4, as we know already. Haunting version of “Something in the Way” playing over a trailer. I might need to replay this game. Out July 29th. That’s soon!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer. Death and death and more death. MGS V is the feel-good game of the year. Great music. Almost makes up for the loss of David Hayter. Almost.

GTA V for PS4. Everything old is new again. Coming out Fall 2014. PS3 and 360 owners can transfer GTA V Online progress to PS4. That’s big. Other enhancements coming as well. No specifics.

Batman: Arkham Knight! Man, this game looks great. Smooth as hell. I am going to glide for hours. This is my game of forever. Come out now. Please. Batmobile can turn into a strafing-tank, which is pretty awesome. Much ownage in my future. Gotham looks huge. Screen froze, but it’s Scarecrow. A nice touch.

One last title: Uncharted. Drake looks incredible. “One last time.” No. I need years and years of this. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. 2015.

That’s it. Wow. A large variety of titles and goodies from Sony. A lot to digest here, but I think it was a strong showing from Sony. I am pumped for the coming year. What about you? Did Sony bring the pain or the lame?

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2 thoughts on “Sony E3 Press Conference Round Up”

  1. A solid conference from Sony. Strange, reading about what happened makes the conference seem better than it actually was at the time. The padding with the TV and Powers show after I had just watched Microsoft’s all games conference made me forget a lot of what happened beforehand.

    Uncharted 4- Jesus. look at that gorgeous man. His stubble has never looked so beautiful.
    Bloodborne- Miyazaki is working on this one, unlike DS2. Woooo.
    LBP3- YES.
    Plenty of content to show.

    The stuff that wasn’t games.
    Powers certainly does look interesting, but games please.

    A lot of Multi-plats. I don’t exactly mind seeing games but Battlefield: Hardline was at the abysmal EA conference and I would of preferred to see something new.

    Parts of the conference were laced with usual statistics and buzz words. SYNERGY.

    Missing studios- Sony has the largest stable of 1st party studios and yet heaps seem missing. Where is guerilla, media molecule and Santa Monica?

    Overall, it felt like a regular showing from Sony. Ups and downs and a few surprises.

  2. In my mind I felt Sony did the best out of the three, Microsoft is just dis-interesting to me and Nintendo while it had cool things just was not enough of a draw.

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