GamerSushi Asks: Next Gen Plans?

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We’ve been in this current console generation for so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to anticipate the release of a new system — the way I eagerly latch on to any news about release dates, original IPs, sequels and features. Something about it takes me back to when I was a kid, playing a Nintendo 64 for the first time in a mom-and-pop (or really just an old nerdy dude) video game shop, marveling at the flying cap and my first glimpse at 3D done the way it was always meant to be. I felt like an extension of the controller. Like I could do anything in Mario’s shoes.

Fast forward to today. While my wonder might not be the same, that in-my-gut excitement is still palpable, and it’s hard not to get a bit over eager when looking at that November window. Even though launches traditionally are abysmal periods of gaming for everyone involved, I simply can’t wait to unbox a new system and see it on my entertainment center. And as the generation rolls on, I know that I’ll populate my shelf with more games, new favorites, new disappointments and experiences that I didn’t think were possible in a video game. It happens every generation, and I expect this next one to be no different.

So, with the dawn of a new generation of consoles among us, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you guys a good old GamerSushi Asks: what are your next generation plans? Are you going to throw your lot in with Microsoft’s vision for the Xbox One? Are you going to see what PlayStation 4 has planned for gamers? Are you going to stick with or upgrade to a new PC? Two out of the three?

Right now, my next generation plans include a PlayStation 4 and an upgraded PC with some extra money that I know I’ll be getting around the end of the year. I figure between the two of those things, I’ll be covered for awhile in the next generation — and I’ll eventually be grabbing an Xbox One as well. While I’m not excited about Sony’s launch lineup, I’m overall more in line with what Sony wants to do with the machine, and would like to give Microsoft to grow into their ambitions. And in the meantime, I’ll keep enjoying games on my PC that aren’t console exclusive.

So what about you guys? What are your next generation plans? Go!

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  1. I definitely plan on getting a PS4 for sure. I just started subscription to PS+ as it’s worth the value it brings. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it day one but when the holidays roll around I’ll be getting some extra money that should help with that. I just feel more secure about Sony’s committment and promise than Microsoft’s but I would like to contribute towards a One at some point down the line when a price drop happens. Until then it’ll be my PS3 and my PC to quell my excitment that we’re headed towards a new generation and a new start!

  2. I can’t afford a next-gen system, so my gaming experience is limited to my PC. That said, I do have a list of upgrades and modifications I want to make, just to keep my rig as close to cutting-edge as my meager budget allows.

  3. I will most certainly be getting an Xbox One, along with Dead Rising 3, BF4, Watch Dogs, and Lego Marvel on day one. I too am giddy to finally have a new console generation. As far as to why I chose the Xbox, there’s really no big reason, since the two consoles are largely the same in many aspects. Really it’s just a combination of a lot of little things. For example: achievements and the improvements with the achievement system, the new voice sound quality for XBL, the snap feature, the ability to swap from the game to the dashboard and back instantly, the server capabilities, smartmatch, etc. Most importantly though is that it looks like it’s going to have a lot more games that I’m going to want to play. Sony hasn’t shown anything yet that remotely interests me (even if they’re timed exclusives, I’ll play indie games on PC). I’ll wait to get a PS4 when the big guns (Naughty Dog and hopefully others that step up to the plate) come out. Also the fact that my friends are more interested in the One help that decision. And hell I’m maybe even a bit excited about Kinect.

    I plan to keep gaming on my PC as well, and would like to get a new graphics card in the next year. Gotta have something that can handle The Witcher 3.

  4. I’ll be sticking to PC gaming at the moment then I’ll add the PS4 to the mix at some point.

    Since I was mostly a PS3 gamer this generation I’m looking forward to returning titles like Killzone, inFamous and such. Also I’m curious in seeing how social integration and the other mentioned features will pan out after release too, I felt that the PS3 was lacking on the social side – at least compared to the 360 – so it’s nice to see an improvement on that front.

    But at the moment I’m fine as it is with my desktop – and speaking of which I’ve been playing some PAYDAY 2 recently, you guys heard of it? Should check it out sometime, especially if you’re into the co-op, Left 4 Dead kind of scene.

  5. @Jack Morgan

    I’ve heard some really good things about Payday 2, is it quite a significant upgrade from the first game? I need to know if I need to keep an eye out for it when it comes time for the Steam Winter Sale.

  6. I’m a bit strapped, so no way for a possible in getting a launch day console.
    Always been a big fan of Bungie’s game so I’m very interested in a PS4.
    Looking forward to seeing the “Destiny” in all its glory… Well at my friend’s house
    that is.

    i’ll probably be upgrading my pc I hope.
    get a decent graphic card and play some BF4 one day.

  7. @drellassassin

    Indeed I’d say it’s a major improvement over the first game. PAYDAY 2 focuses more on RPG elements – you can buy and customize weapons, masks, skills, etc. with a bit more freedom compared to the first game.

    The gameplay itself is similar but with a lot of new twists like improved random layouts for replay value. Stealth plays a significant role, with a suspicion/detection meter, silencers, that kind of thing. There’s also a few other tweaks to gameplay mechanics too hear and there, like being able to look around whilst interacting.

    I find myself playing PAYDAY 2 a lot more regularly than the first game and it seems that more people have jumped on the PAYDAY 2 bandwagon so I’ve usually got some buddies as my teammates this time. I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye out during the Winter Sale.

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