The Confusing Heists of Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine

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There’s something sad about looking forward to playing a game with friends only to have that hope crushed in front of your very eyes. Such was the case last Friday when four of the GamerSushi crew sat down in front of our PCs to play Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine, the recently-released top-down heist game by Pocketwatch Games.

After navigating through the game’s menu, which included having to disable Big Picture so Jeff could actually invite us to the game, we attempted to play Monaco for about a half an hour before giving it up. Between the small levels that aren’t really built for more than one person, the vague goals and the confusing visuals, we were rather disappointed with our experience.

I suppose that it can be said that we didn’t give the game a fair shake, but to be honest I have no interest in going back to it. I’m sure Monaco appeals to a certain person, but that just isn’t me.

Has anyone else played Monaco? What did you think of it?

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4 thoughts on “The Confusing Heists of Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine”

  1. This game totally LOOKED fun when I watched a video review, and I thought it was decent enough when I played it solo (although I didn’t play for long), but considering the fact that they really pushed the co-op aspects of it, it’s really poorly designed for that audience.

    You can’t just start it up and play co-op because you can only play the levels you’ve unlocked (or terrible awful no-good community levels) and the first few levels are designed to play SOLO. So there we were, confused by the game’s mechanics, all crammed onto a screen and unable to figure out what we were supposed to be doing. Not fun.

    Naturally I’d inevitably trip something and alert a guard because I’m terrible at stealth, and because I usually didn’t have a weapon, I couldn’t fight back, so it was basically a death sentence. When our final attempted match went down the tubes, I quit and suggested we play Civilization 5 instead. We were much happier with that decision even though I’d never played Civ 5 before.

  2. I tried playing it briefly by booting up a co-op match with random people. I agree with the whole small map thing, at least from what I played. My teammates and I were constantly stumbling over one another, and we just ended up repeating the process of getting spotted, then just running in circles to try to get away from the cops. It didn’t seem that fun, so after ten minutes I quit and I haven’t had the urge to go back.

  3. Played it aswell, not only was the menus confusing for me, but there were too many characters tbh. Levels can’t be tuned to every one’s strengths and weaknesses, and so many characters wither break the levels or have too much trouble. Maybe with 2 people it would be better but not with much more.

  4. Aww this is a bummer to read. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time and picked it up over the summer sale, but haven’t played it yet specifically because I was waiting on a few friends to have time to give the co-op a shot.. 🙁 Guess I”ll play it alone first and see how she goes.

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