Rockstar Reveals GTA Online

Damn you, Rockstar.

My hatred of Grand Theft Auto IV has not been exaggerated or underreported in the slightest over the last few years. While Liberty City was gorgeous to look at through Niko’s eyes, I found it to be a dull, tedious place that I hardly cared about, or cared to be a part of.

But dang, does Grand Theft Auto V look different. In addition to a campaign that looks to mix up the formula with three protagonists, Rockstar’s newest iteration of the popular series is taking the multiplayer in a different direction than ever before by way of Grand Theft Auto Online, a persistent world where you and up to 15 others can heist, race, deathmatch, build and generally unleash havoc together. I’ll let the video do the rest of the gushing.

Grand Theft Auto Online releases on October 1, and is free with every retail version of GTA V. What do you guys think? Am I jumping too far into the hype train? Have I been burned too many times to take another chance?

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7 thoughts on “Rockstar Reveals GTA Online”

  1. I also did not like GTA IV, but this online just looks awesome if it works like they say it should. The dirt bike to base jump was insane.

  2. I gotta say, I have to agree with you, @Anthony and @Eddy, GTA IV wasn’t exactly a favorite of mine. It has some fun to it but it was just so dull playing through Liberty City. I hated driving everywhere so much I just abused Roman’s free cab service. This game though, oh man. I’m really excited for it because it seems as though Rockstar has done quite the overhaul. They took the shooting/cover mechanics of Max Payne 3, which I loved, and the driving mechanics from Midnight Club. GTA Online looks like it has a lot of promise. From what I’ve seen and read, you can put insurance on your car so if it gets destroyed or jacked you can have it respawn for a fee; players can switch control over of the radio to their passengers, and a lot of other really cool things that have me wanting my preorder sooner! Possible GS Community Night heists?

  3. After watching the trailer and reading every single review and features that have been announced over the online, I have come to the conclusion that everything they did wrong with GTA IV’s online, they did right with GTA V and then some. It’s practically the online for Red Dead Redemption but 50x better. I’m so stoked.

  4. While I know IV is flawed, and I understand many of the criticisms, I thoroughly enjoy the game. So I’m definitely pumped to play V, since it seems much better than IV in every way. @playersbro, I agree, it looks like they took a lot from the combat in Max Payne 3, which was the bee’s knees. The game looks like an absolute blast to play, and I can’t wait to jump online with my friends and wreak havoc.

  5. Man GTA IV left a really bad taste in my mouth, but every trailer I’ve seen for this game so far is really promising. It looks like I might be giving in.

  6. I think people just got bored with GTA IV because it has been around since 2008. However, the fifth edition of this franchise looks really promising, and especially GTA V online. With 16 players interacting in real time, this game is going to be really fun to play. It would have been better though if Rockstar would have released the multi-player patch along with the official game all at the same time!

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