The GamerSushi Show, Ep 54: We’re So, So Sorry

the gamersushi show ep 54 resident evil 6

It’s been a few weeks, faithful listeners, but we’re back. It’s kind of hard to get a balance going once we start the podcast again, but we’ll probably be back up to weekly casts right before we go on another break. C’est la vie, non?

In this episode we’ve got some apologizing to do around Resident Evil 6, which is apparently the worst game ever. Seriously, we’re really sorry about how much time we devoted to this game over the past year.

We also talk about Cliffy B and the BioWare Doctors leaving the industry which evolves into a talk of whether there are anymore big name people left beyond the standards (Newell, Miamoto and the like). It’s a really cool talk about the state of the industry and how faceless it’s become in some ways.

We also talk about Borderlands 2 (nee Bonerhands) for a while and then we chat about our most anticipated games for the rest of the year.

So! You know how it goes. Listen, rate, and please accept our apologies.

0:00 – 1:33 Intro
1:33 – 14:25 Resident Evil 6
14:26 – 17:17 Over/Under Checkup
17:18 – 31:10 Cliffy B and the BioWare Docs
31:11 – 40:42 Borderlands 2
40:43 – 53:00 Most anticipated game of the rest of 2012
53:00 – 54:45 Outro

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One thought on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 54: We’re So, So Sorry”

  1. The P Diddy of Gamersushi you say? I’ll take it, but the name changing stuff is due to WordPress not letting me use the Drell Assassin nickname anymore for some reason (which is annoying, since SKBeans was a stupid name made for a Gamebattles clan when I was 13). Also, I’ve been busy and haven’t played Borderlands 2 in a while, but when I get back Eddy you’ve been warned: I loot for realz.

    On the topic of the Dr.’s leaving, Michael Pachter (who gets poked fun of on occasion, but his Pach Atttack! videos on GameTrailers are really interesting and insightful) said it best. Basically he mentioned that the Dr.’s, over the years, have acquired so much money due to Bioware’s success but have continued to work because they loved making games and entertaining people. However, after their fans spat back in their faces and constantly whined about both ME3 and SWTOR, making games just wasn’t fun anymore so in April (in the midst of the ME3 hate) they put in their notices to leave in November. The whiners have no one to blame but themselves, and Bioware may never be the same.

    Great cast guys, keep ’em coming. Oh and…

    HALO 4!!!!!!

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