GamerSushi Asks: The Next Resident Evil 6?


Crow has been the on the menu at GamerSushi HQ this past week, as the demo and subsequent reviews of Resident Evil 6 shattered the hearts and broke the minds of your beloved GS staff. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, finger-pointing, accusations, allegations, recriminations and even a fight club. As the dust cleared and the fires finally faded, we were left with the acrid taste of disappointment that appears when an anticipated game turns out to be a letdown.

Which got me thinking about the future and the next time that this travesty will occur. So I ask you, dear readers, what Triple-A title will be the next to smash the hopes of millions of gamers? Generally, I am thinking of games from established franchises when I ask this, such as Assassin’s Creed 3? Doubtful. Ubisoft has shown a remarkable consistency, which is an achievement considering it has become an annual release. Bioshock Infinite? The delays may be disturbing, but it does point to a concerted effort to get things right. Personally, I don’t know. Some think it might be Halo 4. I certainly hope not, but there is a lot riding on that one, so it could be the one.

What say you? What future game from an existing franchise will be the next Resident Evil 6? GO!

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2 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: The Next Resident Evil 6?”

  1. After playing the MP and seeing a lot of the making of’s, I am pretty certain Halo 4 will be outstanding. However, although it looks really cool, I’m worried Dead Space 3 might fall on its face. Only time will tell.

  2. I think “The next resident evil” is too broad of a statement. Its not fair to say that Re6 was a let down because, I personally got nothing but joy from the game. But as far as what games might do poorly, I agree. Dead Space 3, the whole co-op thing looks a little weird.

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