Notch, Psychonauts 2 and Dream Game Funding

notch psychonauts 2

Minecraft creator and Mojang founder Markus Persson (a.k.a. Notch) set the Twitterverse on fire this morning by suggesting to Tim Schafer that the former would foot the bill for the oft-wished for Psychonauts 2. This caused more than a few people to lose their minds and turned into Tim and Notch Tweeting back and forth, being very vague about their possible collaboration.

Not only did this exchange make me think about just how much money Notch has made from Minecraft, it also got me to pondering about which fantasy game series I would resurrect (or start) if I had the slush to do so. My mind first went to the Star Wars combat flight sims of yore like X-Wing or TIE Fighter. I don’t know exactly what studio I’d trust with this game, but I know that I’d try my hardest to make sure that the game would stay as close to the original as possible.

My other idea was also Star Wars related and it would be a sequel to Republic Commando. I’d bring on Karen Traviss to write the script and I’d possibly hand the gameplay off to Epic to make it into a third-person squad command game. If I was going to stick with a first-person shooter, I’d bring back the original team but team them up with the Bungie folk.

So what about you guys? What dream games would you fund if you had the money? A sequel, revival, or something new? What do you think about the possibility of Psychonauts 2?

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10 thoughts on “Notch, Psychonauts 2 and Dream Game Funding”

  1. For sure, Psychonauts 2 but there needs to be another SW:Battlefront. That was and still is in my top 10 favorite games of all time. Maybe theres something in the works that we dont know about (I hope!!). Get the original team who made it and game of the year…Maybe not. But still it would be fucking awesome.

  2. I agree with getting a remake of SW:Republic Commando but I would have Ubisoft give it the GRAW/R6V2 treatment. I would like to see a the Advent Rising game get its story finished by lionhead studios or Bioware and Breakdown a sequel namco did a good job with the original. Also Full Spectrum Warrior that was a fun tactical game that Pandemic made, Epic or Relic would a good choic to reboot that series. And before I forget I would have Massive Entertainment make a third game in the Ground Control series.

  3. It’s been far too long. We need a Mother 4. A group is already working on it, but man, if they could get the series creator to back them, that would be epic.

  4. I’d like to see another Banjo Kazooie game, maybe give it to a team like Retro Studios, they have a good history, and have plenty of experience with Nintendo consoles.

  5. I am eksight for Psychonauts 2. I never played Psychonauts 1, but I want to, and I just enjoy witnessing the possible revival of such a beloved cult classic.

    If I had to pick one game to get rebooted, I’d choose Advent Rising, like Verd. It was such an intriguing universe and had awesome music. It was kinda like an early, buggy Mass Effect with more shooting.

  6. Besides Psychonauts 2, you mean? How about Baldur’s Gate 3? I loved playing that game with my roommate. And since Square is doing FF sequels, I’d love to see FFVI-2. And finally, a new Oddworld 🙁

  7. I would say The Longest Journey. I played the first two, and then they were switching to “Episodic Content” to finish 3. Haven’t heard anything in 4 or 5 years…

    Sound familiar?

    Seriously, great game with a great story, really needs to be wrapped up.

  8. Man would I love to see another Republic Commando, ideally one done by a team with Ghost Recon/Rainbow Six experience. And a Psychonauts 2 would blow my mind.

  9. Tim’s Double Fine Adventure announcement pretty well fulfills this one for me, but I guess that’s a bit of a cop-out. I’d have to agree with Julez on The Longest Journey – even though Dreamfall seemed to lose its way a bit, I’d love to see a conclusion to the story. Same goes for the Gabriel Knight series.

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