What Are You Playing: It’s Too Damn Hot Outside Edition


Salutations, faithful readers, it is I, your humble Canadian, back for another round of What Are You Playing. If you’re new to this recurring post, the basic set-up is pretty simple: I ask you what video games you’re playing, and you answer. It doesn’t have to exactly be video games per se; if you want to launch into a (spoiler-free as I haven’t seen the show yet, and people may not have read the books) discussion about the season finale of Game of Thrones, feel free to do so. It’s an open forum, but we’d love to get your thoughts on some current games, and maybe some oldies too.

For me, I spent the morning playing Nicholson Electroplating, the new Arson case for L.A. Noire. I bought the Rockstar Pass when it was on sale a while back, so I got all the DLC for the game for a reasonable price. Nicholson Electroplating is a very action-intensive case and the investigative aspects are relatively slim, but it’s a solid addition overall. It also got me that much closer to rounding out the achievements for L.A. Noire, so that’s always good. Besides that I’ve been finishing off my Evil karma run-through of inFAMOUS 2 and getting back into Halo: Reach in preparation for this year’s Bungie Day. A friend of mine also picked up The Witcher 2 on Steam, so I’m going to log into his account and play it when I have a moment. I’m also trying to desperately bring myself up to a respectable level on StarCraft 2 so I don’t embarrass myself. It’s hard though, but I’m working on my three barracks build.

That’s probably enough out of me, so what about you guys? Has anyone tried Nicholson Electroplating, and what did you think? Opinions of the L.A. Noire DLC overall would be good too. Anything else that you’re playing? Let us know!

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  1. Actually just getting around to Dragon Age 2. Actually enjoying it quite a bit, even though your brother (I chose mage) makes no sense as a character. Half our family is apostate mages, but your all for the Circle and making mages Tranquil? The dumbed down conversation system has me bummed out a little too, and i miss chatting with my party whenever. But beyond that it is a very enjoyable game.

  2. I just finished university for the semester yesterday, so I’m going to be taking the opportunity to clear out some of the games I’ve bought but never played. I finally started Arkham Asylum last night which I am loving. I’ve never really been a big fan of the batman franchise. The older movies were only average, and I think I was a victim of overhype syndrome for The Dark Knight, because I much preferred Batman Begins. But Arkham Asylum seems to be a really good way of learning about the main stars of the franchise, villains in particular. I’ve got the entire Assassin’s Creed series and the Witcher 2 waiting in the wings as well. It’s going to be a good holiday.

  3. I’ve been switching between The Witcher – Enhanced Edition, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and Outland. The first is excellent, but I need to make sure I’m going to have some time to play before I get into it. Spirit Tracks started off kind of slow, but I’m at a point where I can’t put it down (also, some of the puzzles, surprisingly for a Zelda game, are illogical) and Outland is pretty incredible, although it’s getting pretty hard.

    I’m also avoiding Amnesia, since only thinking about that makes me nervous.

  4. Held a paintball match a ways south of Camp Pendleton. Yes, it was way hot out. That’s why we used a local park’s tree cover for our match. Still, even with the shade, Zero wind, 75 Degrees, and 100% humidity makes it a bit uncomfortable.

    We call the game Fugitive. It’s best played with 5 or more people.
    Fugitive Team: 1 player (Draws short straw or volunteers)
    Hunter Team: Everyone else

    The fugitive is given a 5 minute headstart to enter the woods and hide. Thereafter, the Hunter Team has to find and shoot the fugitive within the time period (We usually set the clock for 30 minutes). The fugitive wins by remaining hidden for the duration (BORING) or by shooting all Hunters. The Hunters win by finding and shooting the fugitive. Eliminated Hunters must leave the woods and cannot speak of where the fugitive was to active Hunters.

    This game can also be played with Nerfguns, SuperSoakers, or water balloons.

    I prefer to be the fugitive, because I must be stealthy in order to win. Sort of like the best elements of BOSS EXTREME Difficulty (MGS4) and ‘All Ghillied Up’ (Modern Warfare). Also, I get more targets to shoot.

  5. Almost nothing. My last exam is tomorrow so I’m only playing a little each day on breaks.
    What little I HAVE been playing revolves 100% aroun Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers. It was free on PSN+ after the PSN outage so I decided to give it a go. Best free game EVER. I love it. I purchased the 2012 edition a couple of days ago after doing the original’s campaign (Tezzeret was damn easy) and the sequel makes some pretty good improvements. They’re primarily cosmetic but the new deck structuring and new cards are pretty good and quite balanced. I do wish that they hadn’t removed the glossary of terms. That was useful for beginners. I plan to play some online duels after building up my deck. I use Jace Beleren’s, but plan to switch to Nissa Revane’s if it’s as good as it was in the first (for those of you who care, lol).
    After my exam, it’s inFamous 2, finishing L.A. Noire and platinuming Arkham Asylum which is long overdue a 100%. That is, unless I get either Evangelion Platinum Complete Collection or Mad Men Season 4. Those two series could swallow my free time whole. : )

  6. For about a week me and my friends did this game switching thing. One person chooses the game that everyone plays that night until we get bored and then get off. The next night is the next person and has to be a different game. Its actually pretty fun dusting off some of my older games the only tough part was making sure we all still had it. First night was some Red Dead Redemption, then the next Halo, then Battlefield, Halo again, Left 4 Dead 2, then we all stayed in a party chat and played our own games. It was a nice change up and if you have the time, do it.

    Other then that Im thinking about playing City of Heroes again, I know it goes Free to Play later this year and want to revisit it…anyone here play it? We could start a-I wanna say guild but I cant seem to remember what the groups are called lol

  7. At the start of the summer I made myself about a ten game/book list of entertainment I need to finish, and I’m making progress. My first was Dragon Age 2. I quit Dragon Age 2 shortly into the campaign back in March when my computer was having a problem where it would run it just fine, then all of a sudden it would drop to 2 FPS, and then after a minute it would be fine again. This happened so often that I lost interest. Last week I discovered it was a heat problem, so after fixing it I started DA2 up again, but this time with a female mage (I never really liked male Hawke). And man do I love it. The fact that me and my love interest in the game (Anders) are both apostates fit so well into the conflicts of the game, and I have a hard time seeing how playing as any other class could yield such interesting results. I’m in the third act and I gotta say, it may not be the big epic quest of the first game, but the political driven story is really interesting and well written.
    Dragon Age epicness aside, I’m also playing Ocarina of Time 3D (my most treasured childhood memory, in 3D!) which is amazing, and I’m getting back into Starcraft 2 (man do I suck now).

  8. [quote comment=”16893″]75 Degrees, and 100% humidity makes it a bit uncomfortable.[/quote]

    75?!?!? Where the heck do you live??? Its been rainless and over 100 here every day, 97 in the SHADE. Your summer sounds awesome.

    I havent been playing too much. Im idling on Black Ops. I want some Skyrim 🙁

  9. 75 Degrees and 100 percent humidity sounds suckish, i hate humidity with a passion. That probably is because where i am the average temp for the next 10 days is 69.8 Degrees with 40 to 50 percent humidity.

    I have been playing a little of Just Cause 2 here and there while mainly playing The Witcher 2. I also decided to replay Medal of Honor Airborne because i need to play a WW2 shooter for a bit.

  10. @raider66 I used to play City of Heroes back in the day, and I might get into it if it goes free to play. It seems every MMO that isn’t hot off the press (or WoW or EVE) is taking that business model on. Seems to work for the most part.

    @wse11 Speaking of WW2 shooters, what have you heard about Red Orchestra 2? I was reading an article on it in PC Gamer and it sounds awesome. First person cover system and no HUD (the R key will only tell you if your magazine feels light or heavy and you have to make the choice to reload or keep the current mag)? Sounds like a good time to me.

  11. Right now, I’ve mostly been playing Fallout: New Vegas, with the occasional game of Black Ops with my friend or Battlefield: Bad Company.

  12. @Mitch I have been looking forward to RO2 and i looks loads better than the first. My main problems with the first were that it had the steepest of steep learning curves and to even get OK at it you had to invest a ton of hours. From what i have heard it is more new player accessible while still remaining hardcore for the fans. If you want here is a full list of the features: http://www.heroesofstalingrad.com/about/

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