Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Walkthrough Drops the Facts

One of the great surprises of E3 2011 was the reveal of Horde 2.0 in Gears of War 3. With all the improvements made to the multiplayer, it shouldn’t have caught us off guard that Epic would be turning their loving eyes to Horde mode as well, but this really came out of left field. Taking away from player data from Gears of War 2, Horde 2.0 features a whole host of usability improvements seen in the multiplayer of Gears 3 (like enemy tagging and the tactical overlay) and adds the ability to use an area as a base and fortify it with static defenses, turrets and the fearsome Silverback mech suit. There’s a new Horde 2.0 walkthrough narrated by Nan McNamara, the voice actor for Anya Stroud, and I’ve embedded it below.

Much like Halo: Reach last year, Gears of War 3 might dominate our lives when it hits on September 20. I have my copy pre-ordered and paid for, and I can’t wait to tuck into this triple threat title. We may have to have a GamerSushi Game Night for this when it comes out (non-Xbox readers, don’t worry, we might have something in the works…). What do you guys think of the new improvements to Horde?

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3 thoughts on “Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0 Walkthrough Drops the Facts”

  1. That actually looks fantastically awesome. Looks more fun than zombies anyway (it’s more than just millions of enemies filing towards you, lol). I really wish I had a 360. 🙁

  2. I wasnt a big fan of the gears series after 1. I played one and its multiplayer pretty frequently with the Retro Rider group from High School, but it slowly faded off. When Gears 2 came out, I bought the game but didnt really get into it at all. I just didnt find it as fun as other titles I was playing. So Im on the fence about Gears 3.

    The improvements to horde mode make ME want to play it more so than the older version of Horde. I think they made some really good decisions in changing up how people play the game type. Even if you took away things like fortifications, the idea of being able to switch weapons, buy a life back in with a point system, and receive ammo and such really do make the game more entertaining. It looks good. I will need to see Gears 3 in action before I would buy it. Grad school wont be helping either. May just have to sit it out 🙁

  3. I was so lucky to play this at E3, and I gotta say it is amazingly fun. The strategy that’s now involved with the fortifications give it a lot of depth, and the boss waves are really intense. Can’t wait for September 20th.

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