Retro Nintendo Customer Service Training Video

I love when all things retro surface again on the Internet, rising from their graves like some unholy zombie minion, ready to slay us with laughter and tales of times gone by. Today’s particularly retro minion comes courtesy of a 1991 Nintendo training video that helps people deal with customers with defective (or supposedly defective) products. Ah, remember back when that Nintendo seal meant something? Good times.


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4 thoughts on “Retro Nintendo Customer Service Training Video”

  1. I love these things they always exagerate so much

    the first guy’s nes looked like somone just dumped a litre of pepsie on it

  2. [quote comment=”4331″]Ahhh, those were the days – back when Nintendo ruled the world instead of Steam, nowadays.[/quote]
    Nintendo’s still got their little timeshare on world domination, though – it’s called Christmas.

  3. Nintendo ALWAYS rule the world MWHAHAHAH.

    Actually, yeh, Valve ftw!

    <3 retro stuff and <3 the Nintendo Seal!

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