Today’s ZOMG: New Uncharted 2 Screenshots

uncharted2I’ve said plenty of times that I find Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to be one of the unsung heroes so far for this generation. It’s a shame the game was only on the PS3, which meant that only a small pocket of the gaming community at large got a chance to share in its platforming, cinematic joy. Bummer.

However, I’m still stupid excited for the game’s follow up, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Some brand new screenshots released today that about made me slap a bear in the face. These new pictures are not only gorgeous, but they may sport some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, go look. This rates high on the “do want” meter. Very high, indeed. Who played the first game and wants the second?

Source- GamesRadar

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4 thoughts on “Today’s ZOMG: New Uncharted 2 Screenshots”

  1. Nepal? Check. Crazy platforming? Check. Guns? Check. PS3? Aw…crap. Maybe I’ll finally crack and get one for this game & Chronicles.

  2. I got the 1st one when it was released in platinum so it was cheap and had trophies. Blown away. Every pore oozed of class and substance. The platforming was like a more forgiving Tomb Raider, the combat was similar to a certain critically acclaimed 360 title and the characters were so well thought out that you couldn’t help but love them (especially Sully). Will be getting this.

  3. Those do look really good. I like how they look….vibrant. IT really makes me feel like the colors are real world. Very nice. I kinda want a PS3, is there any word on a price drop?

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