Resident Evil 5 Demo is Online!

That’s right, the long awaited demo for the much-anticipated Resident Evil 5 is now online for the XBox 360. The best part? You can even play some co-op with a friend, and slay crazed villagers together! In honor of this totally awesome event, here’s a sweet video of Resident Evil 5 demo co-op play. I still can’t get over these graphics. They make my heart all a flutter.

EDIT: My bad dudes! This is currently available for the XBox 360, but it won’t hit PSN until next week.

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11 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Demo is Online!”

  1. Grabbed that today to whet my appetite for Operation: Anchorage. (Which, oddly enough, just crashed on me)

    The game looks pretty sweet, I can’t deny that. Not a huge fan of the controls. When I played it, I got forced into a corner by several crazed civvies and an axe wielding madman. It took a while to adjust to the laser sight, which I found doesn’t quite give an accurate representation of the bullet’s path. A shotgun negated my concerns for aim, though.

    It’s very different from the shooter I’m used to. I’ll be giving it another go ’round after I liberate Alaska.

  2. Nice, blood seeker ownege. Bringing co-op on a demo is great, I rly like to try this one.

    btw, that game play was pretty good, it could go for a machinima.

  3. It’s not out on the PSN Store until next Tuesday.
    I practically jumped across the room to my PS3 once I read this.

    You have crushed my hopes!

  4. i dono. mabey its just me but the game was not that great. i mean, i might give it another go to try and get into it cause it looks like it has potential, but the controls are just so ridiculous to me. i mean why go through 2 or 3 buttons to get to something when there are other buttons that are unused? plus the knife controls suck and the aiming is wierd, plus it takes like 2-3 shots to down a guy, well when there’s 30 gyse and 20 bullets, kinda ruins the fun. i ono, mabey just me.

  5. Is the ps3 demo up yet? I thought it was going to be up on Feb. 2.. o well I can wait…hope the 360 owners enjoy it!

  6. As usual I have to wait a while. (2nd of Feburary) and my friend who has a 360 got it yesterday. Yet more short changes for PS3 owners ‘cept only in Europia this time.

  7. [quote comment=”4322″]Played this all this week and I love it. Anyone who whines about the controls clearly didn’t play RE4.

    So…shut up![/quote]
    I didn’t like them at first. It didn’t feel as good as RE4 so I changed them to type, A I think. THEN I found out I don’t think the SIXAXIS suits the control settings compared to the gamecube controller so I switched bak to the Gears type, got used to it and got cut in half by the Axe man online with my friend. OUCH!

  8. I finally got used to them and whipped that dude’s ass! Good thing, too, my partner was next to useless. Least he distracted him long enough for me to lay the smackdown.

  9. I just downloaded the demo like 2 days ago and im just lovin it. the public assembly level is pretty fun but i dont like the shanty town level because of the chainsaw guy. hey anthony, did u beat the chainsaw guy? if so, how did u do it?

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