GamerSushi Asks: Co-Op Gaming?

re5-co-opOver the last few days, I’ve been really kicking it into high gear on a few games so that I can start knocking them out. While I’ve been dabbling a little in several ventures, I really focused in on Resident Evil 5 and Halo Wars, both of which I tried out in co-op. And I have to say, both games are much more fun with someone else.

This got me wondering about what some of your favorite co-op experiences are right now. Is there any game in particular that you’re playing a lot of specifically to enjoy the game’s co-op gameplay? Personally, I think co-op is so much more fun than regular multiplayer, so the more games that keep adding these features, the happier man I will become. Seriously, Resident Evil 5 just transforms once you add another person.

So, what co-op games are you playing the most? And what are some of your favorite co-op games? Go!

Resident Evil 5 Demo is Online!

That’s right, the long awaited demo for the much-anticipated Resident Evil 5 is now online for the XBox 360. The best part? You can even play some co-op with a friend, and slay crazed villagers together! In honor of this totally awesome event, here’s a sweet video of Resident Evil 5 demo co-op play. I still can’t get over these graphics. They make my heart all a flutter.

EDIT: My bad dudes! This is currently available for the XBox 360, but it won’t hit PSN until next week.