Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is Coming!

Color me shocked! Well, not really. But it’s still awesome to hear Activision announce Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be released in Fall 2009, just in time for yet another mad holiday rush. While I hear that Call of Duty: World at War is a great game in its own rite, CoD 4 was just an all around incredible experience that gamers have been dying to relive all over again.

While there aren’t many details announced for the game just yet, it sounds like it might be a direct sequel to what we already saw in CoD 4. You won’t see me complaining about that as I really enjoyed both the characters and the story, which just built and built until it exploded.

So- who’s excited about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

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15 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is Coming!”

  1. That’s great, I really enjoyed the story, too. I wonder if the single player’ll be longer, though. Also, didn’t everybody die? I guess Price could survive, and Kamarov. However they do it, though, I’m psyched.

  2. OMG Orgasm…
    If they’re making a direct sequel, I hope they add new stuff. Like new maps, perks, maybe weapons (AUG, come on!), and the absence of Second Chance.

    Anyway, I CAN’T WAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIT!!!11111111one

  3. Looking forward to it.
    CoD5 was quite a let down.

    I hope they use an even better graphics engine or whatever.
    More explosions please kthx.

    I’ll be happy to play this.

  4. Been waiting forever for this announcement. World War II has been done…and done…and done… Totally stoked about another Modern Warfare game. I still play through the first one wishing it was longer 😛

  5. cod4 was epic, not played much of cod5 yet so can’t compare, but more of cod4 type action would be superb

  6. So far I am LOVING W@W. Im a little skeptical to play Veteran…I die quite a bit as is lol

    The thing about COD4 was that multilayer ws good, great really, but I played it so much it just…didn’t really do it. I moved on to other games so I sold that one. The single player is a funny story. I kept doing the obstacle course till I was able to play the hardest diff. I beat that 20 second record. SO then I got to the mission where you are sneaking around in the grass and got stuck at one point. I thought you had to shoot these guys and when I would we would get bum rushed and I always died. Little did I know I WASNT supposed to shoot them. So I NEVER finished the story (which they say was amazing)

    Hopefully a butt-load of really good games wont come out again like this year. I still haven’t finished W@W or OPENED Gears 2

  7. wow, this would be number six. look out final fantasy here comes CoD. but the only reason for this is that CoD5 sucked. it was terrible. i hated it and was ready to burn the disk. thus the reason for this new game so everyone will forget how crappy the current game is.

  8. Awesome, more flaming Treyarch because they aren’t Infinity Ward! I mean, people like Renigade don’t have to explain his obviously biased and not-explained-in-any-way point as long as it’s hating on Treyarch! Get over it guys–Treyarch made CoD’s are not terrible. While they may not be as good, they’re not terrible.

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