Today’s WTF: Chrono Trigger at GameStop

As we all know, Chrono Trigger is considered to be one of the greatest RPGs, if not one of the greatest games of all time. It features a great cast, an epic storyline, and everyone’s favorite story trope, time travel. The game was just recently re-released on the Nintendo DS, and I absolutely can’t wait to pick it up.

However, apparently the re-release, according to GameStop, is slightly different from the version we all know and love. From their website:

If the physics depicted in TV and movies are correct, and we have no reason to doubt that, then messing with the time-space continuum always results in wacky adventures. Join Crono in this updated old-school favorite as he travels through time and space in order to go back to 1982 and throw a football over some mountains to win the state championship.

Wow. That sounds like it could be even better than the original. I’m not sure how long this will stay up on the GameStop website, so go check it out while you can!

Source- GameStop, via Kotaku

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  1. Seriously, this is hilarious. I don’t know how it’s even still up, much less how it got up on their website in the first place.

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