Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Trilogy Gets the HD Treatment

Metal Gear Solid 2

Following a recent (and awesome) trend of re-working classic games to be displayed in high-definition — the purest and most joy-bringing of all definitions — it seems that Solid Snake could soon grace our HDTV’s. That’s right, Kojima-ites: rumors have surfaced from the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine that an HD version of the Metal Gear Solid series is on its way to the PS3.

As this post is so tagged, this is most certainly a rumor in the truest sense. I am busy trying to contain my joy at the thought of playing MGS 1 and MGS 3 in full HD splendor, particularly the latter of the two, as it’s been years since I’ve experienced it. There’s no release window or price attached to these whispers, but hopefully this turns out to be true, and we’ll start seeing some more information shortly. And more importantly: will it have crab battles?

I feel I am owed a congratulations for getting through this entire post without a proper “squee” of delight. Who else is hoping this news is true?

Source – CVG