Pixel Count: Games without Release Dates?

The eve of a new generation is a strange time for gamers. We’re so used to having our calendars planned out at least a year in advance, knowing all of the big blockbuster releases that we intend to snatch up day one. But when a new generation dawns, all bets are off, and release dates become a nebulous, free-form sort of thing, hidden in shadow.

Which kind of sucks.

At the moment, this seems to be exactly the case for 2014, with tons of titles announced, but no clear idea on when we’ll really be able to play them, beyond vague “quarter” references meant primarily for stockholders. But none of that really means anything to gamers, especially when it comes to us saving money and figuring out what we’d like to buy. Even though I can’t wait for my PlayStation 4, I’m admittedly a bit bummed that I have no real idea when I’ll be playing some truly spectacular next generation games once we move over to 2014.

With all that in mind, I put together a list of the most anticipated games that don’t have true release dates yet, and wanted to see which ones you guys were most excited about. Go!

Which game without a release date are you most excited about?

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4 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Games without Release Dates?”

  1. Considering that I just recently finished Hotline Miami, I’m so fucking excited for the sequel.

    SSB is the most-voted one right now, but I got burned pretty badly by Brawl and I’m not getting a WiiU any time soon.

  2. At the moment, Titanfall. We’ve had the most information come out for it, and I can’t way to play it with friends. However I’m also stupid excited for The Witcher 3, Destiny, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ll also be keeping my eye on Elder Scrolls Online, because I’m practically dying to start a new MMO. The feeling of creating a new MMO character is one of the most magical experiences in gaming, and I’m hoping ESO is good enough for me to be willing to take the plunge.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, Titanfall is one that I’m quite excited for, but after playing Hotline Miami, I’m REALLY excited to revisit the arcade style room to room beat ’em up/slash ’em up. The game looked great presented how it was and that soundtrack… I had to be honest and vote for Hotline Miami 2 🙂

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