Borderlands 2 Roll Call!

borderlands 2 impressions

It’s been a little quiet around these parts for the last couple of days, but I bet you all know why: Borderlands 2, Gearbox’s follow-up to 2009’s FPS loot-fest, dropped at 9pm on Monday for me and I’ve been spending my evenings playing it since.

So far I’m having a lot of fun with it, as I really like the new Commando class (although useful assault rifles are still hard to come by for me) and the game is freaking gorgeous on my new PC. There’s a ton of customization options available to PC players, which is nice after the abortive console port of the first Borderlands. I am have screen-tearing issues occasionally, but I think that might have something to do with my settings.

Shooting-wise Borderlands 2 feels much improved over the workman-like mechanics of the first game and so far the promise of even more crazy guns is being fulfilled. My favorite weapons at this juncture are the ones that you throw like a grenade when they’re empty (complete with explosion) only to have a new one materialize in your hands. The writing is also a lot better and it feels like there might be an actual story this time. The game never stops talking to you though, as there’s always one person on your radio, jawing to you about this and that.

Now that I’ve given my thoughts about it, who here is playing Borderlands 2? What do you think of it so far? Which system did you get it for?

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  1. Mitch, so far I’m pretty much in love with this game. Both visually and mechanically it feels vastly improved upon and the variety of loot never ceases to impress me. I’m rocking the Gunzerker class and going gunzerker feels awesome and tankish. I also ran into one of the grenade throw weapons: a shotgun that does 19 x 20 damage. preordering got me some buku bonuses and I’ve got the season pass and am excited to try out the Mechromancer once it’s released. My PSN is playersbro if anybody is looking for a co-op buddy to go looting with!

  2. Releases Friday here in the UK, I’ve got the insane “Ultimate Loot Edition” for PC on its way to me. Lots of my US friends are telling me good things about it and I’ve even purchased two season passes for me and a buddy.

    I’m very glad to hear about the PC port, love the fact that TB made an entire video about it. (On that note turning Vsync on is usually the thing to fix screen tearing)

    Of course knowing my luck I will end up hating the game or not being able to run it.

  3. In the UK we get it on Friday and after looking at all the comments and reviews about I can’t wait. Glad I preodered on my PC instead of the 360 looking at the PC specific options…very impressive.

  4. Finally got my copy installed last night after the dreaded Steam Disk IO Failure first time around. I GameFlied (GameFlew?) the original, and it felt a little too repetitive, besides being the aforementioned subpar console version – hoping to enjoy 2 a great deal more.

  5. I’ve been a little busy, so I’ve only had time to get to Level 7. So far I’m loving it though, and the jump in quality of writing is really evident. Add me on Steam to play sometime (I play as Zero): Drell Assassin

  6. Pre-installed, sharing the same fate as James Freeman. It makes all of my friends sad that we can’t play it yet.

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