Rumor: Call of Duty Gets Space Marines?

Space Marines

It seems like everything’s been Call of Duty around these parts lately, no? Considering it’s probably going to end up as the year’s largest release, I guess you can’t really blame us too much. If you don’t believe me, check out the reports that Black Ops moved 5.6 million copies and defeated Modern Warfare 2 in day one sales. Yeah, it surprised me, too.

Anyway, the franchise seems to just build on itself every year, no matter who’s in charge. Eventually though, it stands to reason that at some point, people will get tired of the same formula. There are only so many time periods to exploit, after all. Which is why it’s interesting to hear rumors that Call of Duty’s next entry, developed by Sledgehammer Games, will take place in the future. From Gamasutra:

That unit hasn’t talked specifically about what it’s doing with the franchise. But industry sources say Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty will be set in the future and feature, for lack of a better term, space Marines, a very big step for a franchise that has historically based itself on realism.

Could this be the Call of Duty game that is due out next year in 2011? What about the title that the leftovers of Infinity Ward are still working on? Only time will tell, I guess.

What do you guys think about these rumors? Would Call of Duty: Halo be a good direction for the series to go?

Source – Gamasutra

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4 thoughts on “Rumor: Call of Duty Gets Space Marines?”

  1. Id rather see medieval Call of Duty but Ill give whatever they come up with an honest chance. The future would be a cool excuse to introduce some new perks for online…xray vision?

  2. Idk, i think that if CoD takes it’s franchise to the future that it will still be very realistic. They will probably due some intense research into the future of our military and try and implement new technologies that are being developed.
    I highly doubt that any of the game will really take place in space, and there probably won’t be any lasers or space suits. My guesstimate would be that a future CoD will end up looking a lot like Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfare. ( which sounds surprisingly similar to MODERN warfare)

  3. How far into the future do they mean? Ghost Recon? Or Halo? (Halo plz, I need a sci-fi shooter as long as they build upon the universe they create).

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