Final Fantasy XIII and the Disc Debate

ff13Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix’s long-awaited entry into the Final Fantasy series that has been approximately two decades in the making (not really) will finally be coming to both the PS3 and XBox 360 next year. Not only is it cool to know that this game is right around the corner, but it’s even cooler to know that the game is going to take between 40-50 hours to complete, according to recent reports.

However, there’s been some cause of debate about the game between those lovely fanboys. For years, we’ve heard that one of the PS3’s big advantages over the XBox 360 is the storage capacity of Blu-ray. However, it hasn’t really been an issue for many games in this generation until now. It seems that Final Fantasy XIII is going to take “about” three discs for the XBox 360 version as opposed to the PS3 version.

This is causing massive fanboy flame bombs, as you can imagine. Especially considering that Rage developer id software hinted this week that the XBox 360 version of the game could require a separate disc for multiplayer.

So, what do you guys think about switching discs for the XBox 360 version? Will it deter you from a purchase of the game, or is it really not that big of a deal and do you view it as a huge limitation? Personally, I’ll be getting FFXIII for the PS3, but I think it’s an interesting debate nonetheless.

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16 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII and the Disc Debate”

  1. Who cares? The games look and play the same, so why should it matter? It’s just another thing that fanboys are going to whine about.

  2. It wouldn’t bother me and it shouldn’t bother 360 fans. However, since they made such a stink about PS3 games needing installs, they reap what they sow.

  3. Will it really need three discs? Oblivion was well over 50 hours of gameplay and it only had one disc. I never really liked Final Fantasy so it doesn’t matter to me, but is there another reason for the three discs?

  4. [quote comment=”8100″]Will it really need three discs? Oblivion was well over 50 hours of gameplay and it only had one disc. I never really liked Final Fantasy so it doesn’t matter to me, but is there another reason for the three discs?[/quote]

    The graphics in FF XIII are way beyond Oblivion.

  5. I have both a 360 and a ps3 but i play 360 a lot more so ill probably end up getting this for 360 even though it will take multiple disks. doesn’t really matter that much to me

  6. Well Sony FINALLY have justification for blu-ray other than MGS4. As SK Beans said, they’re the same games. I’ll get it for PS3 and my friends who have a 360 will get it for that and we’ll be talking about the same game.

  7. If this is the absolute worst thing that happens with the 360 release of FF XIII, we should count ourselves lucky. So many other things could go wrong if they tried to pack it onto fewer discs, so I’ll count my lucky starts that the only thing I’ll have to do with this game is get up every 8-10 hours and change a disc.

  8. I have both systems but I think Im alone when I say Im going to get it for the 360. If it were a less popular game I may have gotten it for PS3 but personally I love chatting it up in Party Mode while everyones playing something else, or even playing FF at the same time… maybe helping each other out as well, nothing beats Xbox Live, but my Playstation stopped gathering dust lately, Warhawk is some classic fun multiplayer.

  9. Well why not? It jus takes 5 sec to change a disc.

    But if there’s that many discs for one game like in that image above, now that would be a pain.

  10. Well, I’m not even going to get FF13. Well I might, but I probably won’t. I mean it’s taken Square Enix four score and seven years (not really…actually maybe) to release FF13, and you know what, I just don’t know if my drive is strong enough to buy nineteen and a half discs or whathaveyou. I mean the multiple discs aren’t such a nerd-rage-provoker to me, it’s just if it gets too pricey and I’m not really rearin’ to get FF13, I have other games I desperately want to play.
    So due to S-E’s long-ass development times, I’m probably going to have to sit this one out.

  11. Doesn’t phase me in the least. Though I will say that if PS3 is an option for me by that point, I’ll definitely opt for the single disc. Much more irksome to me is the exclusion of the Japanese dialogue track. Granted, Square has a relatively decent track record when it comes to english voice acting, but I’d still be psyched to have the option of switching. Heck, wouldn’t even mind yet another disc.

  12. Well, Forza 3 is gonna be 2 discs and I don’t think it’ll be an issue for me. So I’d imagine that 3 wouldn’t be an issue for FFXIII. Although I’m not a final fantasy fan so it won’t impact me in the slightest.

  13. If people are butthurt about changing discs, then they’re babies. We’ve been switching discs for FF games since the PS1. If they could do it then, why are they whining now?

  14. Pfff.. More discs looks cooler man. I remember opening my Half-Life 2 PC version to find 5 Discs… That’s when I knew the game was gonna kick ass!


  15. I play all multi-platform games on the 360, but FF XIII is different. I feel like I have to play a Final Fantasy game on a Sony console with a dual shock controller.

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