Assassin’s Creed 2 Trailer Revisited

The teaser for Assassin’s Creed 2 appeared earlier this week, leaving people with a clue about more information to come. While it didn’t show any actual gameplay, it did give a few hints towards some of the elements that could be involved in the next game, as well as its setting. Check out the Assassin’s Creed 2 pop-up style video below that points out some of the tidbits left in there by Ubisoft. Specifically, it seems that the next game might take place in Italy. Also, there could be some kind of flying contraption. Awesome.

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6 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 2 Trailer Revisited”

  1. hmmm… its hard to piece together. I assume you wont be playing as Altiar if its a few hunderd years in the future and in Italy? maybe another relative of his? Also, the flying seems like a cool idea but I hope they dont focus the whole game around it. The first one was repetitive and if they make me fly threw rings every 15 minutes Ill get frustrated. Regardless, Im excited and I want to know whats going on in modern times with the assassins vs the templars

  2. Well, I’ve read from multiple sources now that it will be set in Venice.
    Also I saw a few months back that an animator said that he was making animations for swimming.

  3. Very intersting. And I agree with most people, the first one, while quite a great game and beautiful graphics, was fairly repetitive. Still worth the play forsure. Another game to add to the list already!

  4. Hopefully in the sequel the whole way the story flows will be updated so it is no longer go here, come back. Instead it would go to different places in each one rather that one of 3 locations like in the first. So I’m excited to see the finished product and with what I have seen here it will be completely changed.

  5. Daaamn, cant wait to get my hands on that haha. I remember the giant hype (at least for me and my friends) that come before the first Assassins Creed. I’m sure that Ubisoft won’t dissapoint with the sequel. I’m also going to guess that he can glide off tall buildings to escape, or something of the like.

  6. There’s a bunch of high-res renders of the new assassin popping up all over the internet. The new design definitely says “Italian Renaissance” to me. Plus, he now has two concealed blades. Bad-ass.

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