Rumor: Mass Effect Trilogy to PS3?

masseffect1You all know of my love for Mass Effect and its awesomely epic sci-fi space opera ways. As I’ve said before, it’s one of the more underrated games of this generation, and deserves a spot right near the top of the heap because of its excellent story telling, something that not many games do that well to begin with.

So, it should excite some of you Sony dudes to know that Second Story Gamer is reporting a rumor that Mass Effect and its eventual trilogy of games are all going to be hitting up the PS3. Their source says that this decision was made by EA due to the economic climate, and the official announcement will drop during GDC (also where Mass Effect 2 will first be revealed).

As I said before, this is a rumor, but even the idea of it is exciting. The thought of more gamers getting to experience such a fun title is always a welcome one. So what do you guys think?

Source- Second Story Gamer

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5 thoughts on “Rumor: Mass Effect Trilogy to PS3?”

  1. Yay! I’ve loved the look of this but lacking a 360 was a really hard blow. The tables are turning no?

  2. VATS! VATS! VATS! Or at least some feature that makes combat not so much of a clusterflip!
    Oh, and the Mako better be replaced by, like, the Komodo, or something that has GIRTH. And a powerful gun.
    Honestly, if I didn’t have to play the game and just had fun with the dialogue, Mass Effect would surely top Fallout 3. I just hope ME2 can do that.

  3. That is fine. Mass effect was never the only reason for having a 360. Also I hope the day comes where fanboys will stop caring if their game goes on the other console. Also we (360s) should so get LBP that would be awesome.

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