Today’s WTF: Wario Dominates YouTube

This falls under the category of the oh-so-rare “good” WTF. Nintendo just put up a new Wario video on YouTube, and I demand that you go watch it. It’s a very clever piece of marketing from Nintendo, and I admit to giving out a “WTF” once I saw that something wasn’t quite what it seemed.

Normally, I would just embed this, but in this one instance, it would kind of ruin what Nintendo’s got going on. So go ahead. Go check out Nintendo’s YouTube Wario video. You won’t regret it.

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7 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Wario Dominates YouTube”

  1. lol awsome, mien was bugged though i think, the video flew off the screen when i resized my window and played it again

  2. Ahahah, marvelous! I love how you can pick up the pieces and toss them around! 😀
    And that the links on the pieces still work. Really cool!
    Moar liek this plx

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