One Man Fools Games Journalists with Fake Xbox 720 Email

xbox 720 fake email

“Don’t believe everything you read” is the lesson being learned by a few gaming websites today as one man comes out as the instigator of a faked email “leaking” specifics behind the Xbox 360 successor and something called the “X-Surface”.

In the anonymous email, our trickster pretends to be a Microsoft employee on the Xbox team, when in reality he doesn’t work for the software giant. The email about the X-Surface contains just enough information about the Xbox 720 to appear legit, and several sites ran with it, including VG247, NowGamer and Venturebeat. While all the sites have updated their original posts acknowledging the hoax, it still points to the “post now fact check never” mentality that some sites have.

I understand that in an industry dominated by pageviews, being first with a hot piece of news, especially about the upcoming consoles, is a priority, but sometimes this can backfire. Gaming websites are so hungry for hits that they’ll gobble up fake news and spit it back out without a second thought. If you’re looking for a response from someone on the inside that isn’t all about shaming journalists, Ben Kuchera over at the Penny-Arcade Report has a thoughtful comment about this whole hubbub.

So what say you about this whole charade?

Source – X-Surface