Today’s WTF: Diablo 3 Digital Copies Take 72 Hours to Process

diablo 3 digital purchases take 72 hours to process

Oh, Diablo 3, will you make it out of the strange lands of WTF-dom? Blizzard’s massively popular RPG may be a success with critics, but the design choices being made even after launch have left players more than a little outraged.

The new Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3 has changed many things for the game, but one of the new side-effects is that purchases of Diablo 3 through Battle.Net will take up to 72 hours to process. Yes, you read that right: copies of Diablo 3 bought online will restrict players to the Starter Edition of the game (limited at level 13 and Act One to the Skeleton King, no Auction House and no online play with owners of the full edition) until the transaction is processed.

Blizzard has tried to do some damage control saying that it will normally take less than 72 hours for the majority, but this turn of events is incredibly strange. It’s not made clear why exactly the purchasing process has to go down this way, but one thing is certain: people are not happy.

What do you guys think about this move? Most of us already have Diablo 3, but what about those of you who are holding out? Will this affect your purchase or is it not really a big deal? Is 72 hours too long a wait considering that you can get to the Skeleton King in a few hours?

Source – Battle.Net

April Fools: Sony Drops Lawsuit, Hires Geohot


In a stunning reversal, Sony Computer Entertainment of America has decided to drop their lawsuit against George “Geohot” Hotz and hire the hacker to head up a new division of cyber security focusing exclusively on the Playstation 3 and Sony’s upcoming handheld platform, codenamed NGP.

A Sony spokesman was quoted as saying:

He just had so many good ideas, we felt that he would be a better asset to us and the gaming community as an employee rather than a defendant.

Hotz, the infamous hacker who was the first to jailbreak the iPhone, expressed a desire to return the Linux operating system to the PS3 via firmware update by the end of April and upload a PS2 emulator before the end of the year. Sony also promised to compensate Hotz for his legal expenses, which seems decent of them.

Well, frankly, I am pretty shocked and more than a little upset. It seems that the online hacker community, which has been clamoring for Sony to just shut up and hire Hotz, has finally gotten their wish. I think this sets a dangerous precedent, where bad and perhaps illegal behavior is rewarded. Although PS2 emulation rocks my socks.

Am I being too harsh? Did Sony do the right thing here? GO!

Source: Wired

April Fools: Natal Delayed Indefinitely: “Just Not Working”, Says Lead Developer

Project NatalIn news that could change the future of gaming forever, Natal lead developer Alex Kipman has announced that Microsoft’s Project Natal is on “indefinite hold” due to problems inherent in the system’s design.

Kipman was quoted as saying,

“The issues we are currently experiencing with Natal go far beyond the normal bugs and glitches when creating new technology such as this. If Natal were to be released without extensive reworking, it would make the hardware failures experienced by the XBox 360 look like child’s play. We’re talking Toyota-like catastrophe unless we go back to the drawing board.”

When pressed for a potential new release date, Kipman could only speculate, but did confirm that Natal won’t hit store shelves until at least 2011.

Whatever the problems are with Natal, you can be sure that Sony and Nintendo are thanking the gaming gods for this unfortunate mishap, but kudos to Microsoft for being so upfront about the whole mess. Does this change your view of Natal? Are you more or less likely to get one? Or will you just go ahead and get a Playstation Move?


Time Magazine’s Top 10 Games of the Year is Mostly Right

modern_warfare2Uh oh, a top ten list from a mainstream magazine? I don’t know about you guys, but I am always curious to see what the “normie” think of us geeks and our nerdy pastime. Time magazine released their list of the top ten games of 2009 and I have to say, it’s not bad. The problem is when they get a game wrong, they really get it wrong! Take a look for yourself, but DJ Hero at #3? Uncharted 2 at #10? What the hell is up with that? Oh and they also imply that Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place moments after The Dark Knight ends.

It’s these kinds of things that have me wondering if they are even paying attention or just using Google a whole lot. They also say that New Super Mario Bros Wii is “so much fun it might supplant DJ Hero as the go-to party game.” Ok, wtf? Honestly, I can’t even begin to defend that. For Time, it seems hype makes might. I have not met anyone who has played DJ Hero, let alone with a group of friends. But Time must have seen the commercial on TV and that was good enough for them.

Enough ranting, I will allow you guys to look at it yourselves. Am I crazy or this list just a bit off?


Source: Time Magazine