Games to Get Cheaper?

moneyWith the more expensive tech and the big budgets behind gaming in this day and age, it becomes natural for the prices to rise. However, I’ve always wished that companies would scale the costs of their titles in order for the prices to stay down. It’s not worth buying a short game like Mirror’s Edge for $60 in today’s economy.

However, it seems like the recession is going to be giving pause to video game companies. Forbes points out that already, prices of games are starting to come down, most notable Call of Duty: World at War, which was reduced to $49 just before Christmas, and was one of the holidays’ top sellers at that. So now, analysts are predicting more might drop as well.

I find this to be great news. To me, instead of just maxing out your dollars so you can make a $60 price point, game developers should set good budgets for what a game needs, and then price accordingly. As I mentioned earlier, a 5-6 hour game should not cost me $60. Hopefully this continues. What do you guys think?

Source- Forbes